Sunday, 6 December 2020


 Hello Everyone in Blogging world, Oh MY.. it's been ages since I was here and how lovely it is to return and see you ALL still here :) how it lifts my heart and MANY thanks for sticking around!

I had given up on doing crafts and went to another hobby of photography and Travel in the UK but as everyone knows this year has been awful with no travel and being stuck indoors most of the time.

I have however found another craft I would love to share with you all and I'm just starting to learn and do as of yesterday lol so please bear with me as I learn, it has nothing to do with sewing or wool but my goodness it is a beautiful craft to learn. 

Please do let me know if any of you have done it or are doing it, I would love to see your results. it's called Mandala stone painting art.

I will be round to visit all your blogs very soon and see what you've all been doing :)

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