Saturday, 17 May 2014

Like something from a horror movie...

Yesterday morning when I went into the garden...this is what I saw...

My whole hedge is covered from top to bottom in cobwebs..WHAT?? giant spider is spinning this web I thought... but on closer inspection, it isn't a spider...

its hundreds and hundreds of tiny caterpillars....

all spinning the amazing silk webs you see on the hedge...

Watching these tiny things make the cobwebs is amazing, I thought only spiders spun webs but these are masters at it LOL!! These caterpillars are the ermine moth, the adult must have laid her eggs in the Autumn and this is the result, in a couple of weeks they will be adults and gone...I just have to remember to keep my doors and windows shut and lights off LOL!!!

The very beautiful..adult Ermine moth.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Baby Bunny Block #6

Baby bunny is done on my baby Afghan, this was a lovely one to do :) the next one is the tree of love and is the centre of the blanket so its halfway finished :)

stoney creek woodland babies
stoney creek woodland babies

Happy Stitching :)

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