Monday, 12 January 2015

its done! a finish! baby Afghan Block # 13

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous post and a warm welcome newcomers, it's lovely to see you here.

A Finish at last :)
 Fawn on block#13

stoney creek woodland babies, fawn

its been a very long time since I started this stoney creek woodland baby Afghan,

Oct 2013! but it's finally finished, I'm very pleased with it and it was a joy to make.

I never expected it to take this long when I started but there have been some interruptions with house renovations and decorating!
and me switching from one project to another :)
I Have started to put the cotton backing on and will sew it tomorrow

I Think it will look nice with a backing on,

hope you enjoy it :)

Happy Stitching :)


  1. Oh my that afghan is adorable! You have done an amazing job, I love each square.
    Congrats on a wonderful finish!

  2. It is just adorable and looks fab all put together! Now you can just sit back and admire your handiwork!

  3. Congrats on such a great finish! Yours is one of the most beautiful Afghans I've ever seen!
    Love it ♥

  4. Oh, it's gorgeous, dear Summer.
    I love it.

  5. Hi dearest Summer , and its a hey hey hey , hahahahaha way to go dear Summer , way to go , you do realize ya could have robbed a national bank and got less time than its taken to complete this breathtakingly beautiful creative expression of outward love :)))) ..its a truly wonderful piece Summer , truly . The central tree of life from which all these gorgeous babies stem , depicting all that is newborn and innocent of this world ..:))))) Soooooo love it dear Summer , you must be so thrilled , And here we have the last but oooohhhhh so not the least , what a an absolute cutie , with those tipped ears and tail that mamma can keep an eye in the long grass , and that dappled back to break up the body mass , from any would be predator , for in nature everything is with purpose :)))))..such perfect stitch , from sun kissed petal to cloven hoof dear Summer , one can not only see , but feel the love honed within each precisely laid stitch , as each creature in turn amidst its joyful glee of infancy beckons to its new born world . Wonderful , just absolutely wonderful :))))) , see how there colours lay upon the eyes , that none shall steal the whole , but rather each its part does play...not to steal away from fawn for the creature is absolutely divine , but see the depicted pile in fur upon the sweet toothed bear , created by ever changing tone in stitch :)))). Onced backed dear Summer it will take body . and awaits but a newborn more to make it complete .. t'is a beautiful thing that your heart and your art have brought to life , in this stunning creation , and time so well spent :))))). I shall desist , dear lady , for I ramble as my eyes dance from newborn to newborn , and take great pleasure in what lay before me . WELL DONE YOU , dear Summer :))) TRULY WELL DONE YOU ..love it !!!!!!!! :))))) as always dear Summer I remain yours sincerely and with respect Ban .....yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ya did it :)))))))))))) hahahahahaha .:)

  6. Oh my gosh! That is so adorable!! I am going to have to see if I can find that chart. (What was I saying about so many charts and time?? I forget...)

  7. Congratulations! So beautiful! Truly love! ;o)

  8. Dear Summer
    I just came by to say thank you for the kind words on my poetry.
    It is so greatly appreciated .
    Hugs xo

  9. Oh it is truly, truly lovely! I agree with the backing. When I made mine, it made all the difference in the world. I had to send it out for someone to sew it, though. I wish I could sew. It might help if I actually got myself a sewing machine!
    But back to the afghan, you're stitching is beautiful!

    Congrats on a beautiful finish.

  10. What an amazing afghan you have stitched. A true treasure.

  11. simplesmente encantador ja virei fã e estou seguindo parabens um abraço brasileiro


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