Friday, 10 April 2015

Happy Spring...

Happy Spring :)
The weather here in the UK this week has been glorious with beautiful sunshine everyday,
long may it last
My Easter cactus is loving it 
it's flowering happily away in my sewing room ;)
a big Thank you to all those who left a comment on my Teddies, it's much appreciated.
There will be some more teddies to make on rainy days, at the moment I'm out enjoying the sun.
Happy Sunny Days

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Luxe Fur Teddies

HI everyone
I hope you're having a lovely Easter weekend and not eating too many chock bunnies :)

I bought this wonderful pattern for knitted teddies
they're so cute, you wouldn't even know they're  knitted.

This is the first one I've made, I'm going to make a couple more which I will post when done,
I'm waiting on my wool to turn up but one will be snowy white and the other red :)
I think they will look lovely together.

here is the first one I've knitted

he's all super soft and squishy and so lovely and warm

and here he sits with the other soft toys

when I started knitting him it was a bit like knitting a tarantula
hahaha :)

My Bamboo needles arrived from Hong Kong and didn't take long at all to turn up, about 10 days and the price was great...only £3 or about $4 from Amazon and that includes postage! so who can complain at that for 18 sets of needles!! in all sizes.... well pleased :))

Happy Crafting :)

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