Friday, 10 April 2015

Happy Spring...

Happy Spring :)
The weather here in the UK this week has been glorious with beautiful sunshine everyday,
long may it last
My Easter cactus is loving it 
it's flowering happily away in my sewing room ;)
a big Thank you to all those who left a comment on my Teddies, it's much appreciated.
There will be some more teddies to make on rainy days, at the moment I'm out enjoying the sun.
Happy Sunny Days


  1. Beautiful ;o) You made me smile ;o) I haven't been around blogging, sorry! But, I am back ;o) Big Hugs and happy Spring ;o)

  2. Cute plant pot and your plant is blooming for all its worth!
    We've had super weather here too! It's been a great Easter week!

  3. Hiya , dearest Summer , hope I find you well , and working on that tan :))) in-between tending your gorgeous garden and pollinating catnip for the local moggies delight hahahahaha..dare we finally say spring slowly yields into summer, as slowly as it may be ..the warm winds from Africa are so to bans liking and as for the wall to wall sunshine , Ooooohhhh bring it on pleaseeeee hahahahaha ..for whilst Ban was born a winter critter , The sunshine feeds Bans soul..Love it !!!!.A slight change for a day two tops dear Summer , that much needed rain to bed in your newly planted floral displays , but then a return to the warming rays :)))))..Yeahhhhhhhh :))))).. but to the subject at hand :)))))..Your Gorgeous Easter Cactus , ( Hatiora gaertneri ) of the tropical rainforests of the Mata Atlântica in South-Eastern Brazil. NOT to be mistaken for Christmas Cactus ( Schlumbergera ) there was a great deal of confusion for some time the Hatiora gaertneri , being thrown in with the Schlumbergera , but it was finally determined that the two cactus were of differing genus, Christmas Cactus .. Schlumbergera grows on trees (epiphytic.as air plants extracting moisture and neutrients from air and falling folage etc they are harmless to the tree, there actions similar to mosses ect )less often between or on rocks (lithophytic..that is to say living from the neutrients from rainwater , decaying material about them and even there own decaying foliage they also favor the South-Eastern tropical Brazilian rainforests ..prefer shade.. direct sunlight damages them ..and water little but often... keep moist ...thats MOIST they are tolerent to drought but not excesssive watering ..MOISTS THE WAY :)))... AND YOUR Easter Cactus Hatiora gaertneri , lives as the Christmas Cactus ..Schlumbergera only prefers tree or Rock , Light should be as epiphytic forest plants, they are NOT exposed to strong sunlight. Half-shade is recommended DAPPLED LIGHT :))) plants can be placed outside in the summer IN THE SHADE ..prefered Summer temperatures of around 25 °C (77 °F) with lower temperatures down to 7–13 °C (45–55 °F) in the winter (November to January in the Northern Hemisphere) creates good bud formation ..YOUR Easter Cactus responded's badly to excess or under watering and must be kept MOIST ALL TIME ..BUT THATS JUST TO SAY MOIST..:)))) leaf segments may be cut late spring and there tip be allowed to dry a little after cutting before its tip just to say planted in slightly moist soil , they tend to take very well to give you a new plant if desired :))))..deemed easy care plants they will last you years Dearest Summer , if kept accordingly , my late mother allowed hes to grow in large pots they were monsters hahahaha , but the floral display was out of this earth ..once the flower dies off Red oblong fruits form after the flowers are fertilized..you can give strength to the plant by nipping out dead flowers , unless you you seek to have fruit ( elongated berries ) and its advisable once flowered to rest the plant . After flowering, this succulent needs a one-month rest. Water sparingly during this time and do not fertilize. Mist the plant every day if needed to keep up the humidity. After this rest, you can resume regular watering and fertilizing.a little spray bottle will act as mister .Ooooohhhh and DON'T move your plant about , it will drop flowers , and segment leaves if there are changes in its daily temperatures from that which it accustoms its self to ..So have you got all that dearest Summer :))))) hahahahahaha :)))) I sooooooo love the ladybird planter hahahahahaha BIG , BRIGHT EYED and BEAUTIFUL with a cheeky ear to ear smile , HAHAHAHAHAHA :)))))..brilliant combination of plant and planter dearest Summer , they were made for each other they truly were ...A stunningly beautiful share depicting ALL thats spring and summer time ...LOVE IT , dear Summer , just love it )))))..hahahahahaha ..BEAUTIFUL SHARE Dear Lady , truly , I thank YOU :)) and AS ALWAYS dearest Summer , MY sincere respects to you always Ban :)))))

  4. Hi

    Just found your blog.
    Your stitching is lovely and the teddies are gorgeous!
    Happy Spring to you x

  5. Your Easter Cactus is beautiful. The sunshine makes you want to spend time outside in the fresh air . Thank you for stopping by my blog. I tried to become one of your followers hopefully it was successful. I travel through my blog friends. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley@shirleystitches.

  6. Such a punch of happy and sunshiny colour. Here's to a week of more sunshine in your sewing room!

  7. oh è bellissimo! Il mio ha i fiori bianchi

  8. Hi Summer,
    Don't we just love springs? Your Easter cactus are so pretty..... Thanks for visiting me and leaving me very kind comments.

    Have a great week!

  9. What sweet teddies! I can't believe you knit them! They're amazing. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following you, too, now!

  10. Your cactus could bring a smile to anyone's face. He's gorgeous! :)

  11. Hey! What a beautiful post & blog! I love that gigant lady bug! And the flowers are worderful in those gorgeus colors. Happy spring to you too & now i'm a new of your followers.

  12. Hope all is well dear summer.
    I have seen you around lately .

    Happy Spring

  13. A very happy Easter Cactus Summer!....Hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for visiting me and leaving your kind comments,
    Susan x

  14. Love your picture of the cactus.

    Happy warm weather and sun.


  15. I just popped over from Crafting Paws and looked through some of your recent posts. Your knitted teddy bear is amazing! You were right, I would not have guessed it was knitted. Lovely work!


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