Sunday, 23 February 2014

practice run

today was spent playing with my sewing machine and finding out what I can and cant do with it, 
I also found plenty of material to recycle :) so I had a practice at patchwork and enjoyed just playing around with it so here are my very first pieces :)

 I dont have my work table yet so had to cut the pieces on the floor, my table should turn up next week :) i've also bought a small iron and ironing mat to set up on my table, then i'm ready to go :)

Friday, 21 February 2014

Fat Quarters

Hi All :)
since I bought my sewing machine back in October last year I thought I would try my hand at patchwork,
I've been getting a few things each month and following blogs that already do it for info and tips,
last week I bought my first fat quarter and cutting mat,

today I bought my second fat quarter as I thought the first one looked very lonely 
in the box by itself

you know I just had to buy it don't you hahaha
I love this bundle with its flowers :) very summery :))

I also bought this hexagon template and rotary cutter, more patchwork goodies will be bought very soon I think :))

 I'm also looking into getting a six foot long table as a work station, there just isn't enough room on my small desk, this spare room is now quickly moving into a sewing room

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Storms and Rugs

Hi All, hope you've all had a lovely weekend :) 
The sun has shone today for the first time in weeks and it was lovely to get outside for awhile, even if it was just to mend fence panels after Fri/sat storms.
The rest of the of the day was spent finishing my cats rug :) 

To Finish it off I sewed Rug Binding to the edge and stitched it at the back to secure it, now it's ready for my cat to lay on :) it's lovely and warm and fluffy :)

cats latch hook rug
cats latch hook rug

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Doing a happy dance

I'm doing a happy dance as my winter cat is finally done

woo hoo LOL at last after 6 months of stitching its done :) so much for my rotation plan haha the plan was to do a week of all my ongoing projects but once I started winter cat again I had to keep going till I finished it as it was so close to the end :)

now I have to take it to the framers along with  summer cat
to get them both framed and can hang proudly on the wall :)

Happy weekend to all
Happy stitching :)

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