Monday, 17 February 2014

Thanks mum


  1. Hahahahahahaha ..Hi Mr Bruiser cat , you handsome guy you :))) Aughhhhhhh dear Summer , hes no ones fool hahahahaha , just look at him nustled into the pile of your beautiful creation , what greater endorsement could you ask for than to see your furbie absolutely melting within his rug , and to have the thrill of knowing it is your creative hand , that he sleeps so peacefully ..I just love picture three , he's so at one with his new rug ..:))))))) ..well done YOU dear Summer , you must be so thrilled .....,one cannot get over how well hes come on dear Summer , could this elderly fellow ever have thought he would EVER see such comforts and love again ,you have worked ABSOLUTE wonders with him dear lady , its SO hard to believe hes the same bag of bones that sheltered in your garden , lashing out and biting at any aspect of you or anyone approaching him , his conduct stemming from obvious abuse ..how you have persevered with him ,when many would have given up , showing him love apon love apon love , even when bitten , sliced , and scratched , until he once again he took his heart in his paws and trusted again , how you have tended his medical needs , searching out the most appropriate medication in working your local vet and enhancing those care needs by weaving the most appropriate native American herbal medication within the pharmaceutical to bring about a release of an ongoing distressing condition from which he suffered ..he's a credit to you and the prolonged HARD work and LOVE you have bestowed apon him . I have no doubt in my mind that he for his part returns said love to you a thousand fold :)))))) ..dear Summer seeing him here , in his twilight years looking so well , and he knowing nothing but love in his life now is so wonderful , truly a moving conclusion to the completing of your lovingly created rug for him , and a beautiful out come to this project . Dear Summer I remain yours most respectfully Ban and the four moggies hahahahaha :))))))

  2. Replies
    1. You can tell! I love the slow blink he is giving you in one of those pictures.

  3. Beautiful cat, loving the new rug.
    Love it.



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