Friday, 21 February 2014

Fat Quarters

Hi All :)
since I bought my sewing machine back in October last year I thought I would try my hand at patchwork,
I've been getting a few things each month and following blogs that already do it for info and tips,
last week I bought my first fat quarter and cutting mat,

today I bought my second fat quarter as I thought the first one looked very lonely 
in the box by itself

you know I just had to buy it don't you hahaha
I love this bundle with its flowers :) very summery :))

I also bought this hexagon template and rotary cutter, more patchwork goodies will be bought very soon I think :))

 I'm also looking into getting a six foot long table as a work station, there just isn't enough room on my small desk, this spare room is now quickly moving into a sewing room

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  1. hahahahahaha ooohhhh what are you like dear Summer :))))) , the term cottage industry comes racing to mind :)))) and those fat quarters do so look Sooooooo lonely don't they dear Summer , whats a girl to do but to acquire more quarters , purely as an act of kindness , and to release the lonely from there fate of cause hahahahahaha ....Its a wonderfully creative venture you enter into here dear Summer , and one many have taken to the most refined of beautiful of arts , there will be many new techniques to learn and master , as one engages unto ones self the skills required . The finished project will be so wonderful to behold and a functional additive to any home as patchwork quilts can last a life time . One admires your personal tenacity dear Summer , as the creating of said patchwork will give you a break from your cross stitch and latch hook , you have worked very hard to complete your winter cat , and Mr Bruisers beautiful latch hook rug , which he so adores :)))) , he's one lucky fellow . Just one word of warning dear Summer , rotary cutters as stanley knives even if fitted with guards are SO unforgiving and NONE second chance giving , to that end if tension be required on cutting , the use of large books ,plastic bagged sand , pebbles , etc are suggestions , my grandma used the old flat irons , the ones that were heated on the largos stove , before the introduction of electric irons , or so they say :)))) you can still pick them up on brick 'n ' brack stalls today .. to that end , hands to the left , right , or rear of the blade , but NEVER a running hand before a running blade , the cutter has NO problem cutting tanned hide ...fingers Oooouuuucchhhh .:((( (I raise this obvious , having let my own guard down a time or two and have pain the price , not a tool to use whilst tired dear summer ) . I so look forward to the introduction of this new project dear Summer , and its creative unfolding before us , as you enter into this yet another new field of creativity , dear Summer , I remain yours sincerely , and with respect Ban :)))))


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