Sunday, 23 February 2014

practice run

today was spent playing with my sewing machine and finding out what I can and cant do with it, 
I also found plenty of material to recycle :) so I had a practice at patchwork and enjoyed just playing around with it so here are my very first pieces :)

 I dont have my work table yet so had to cut the pieces on the floor, my table should turn up next week :) i've also bought a small iron and ironing mat to set up on my table, then i'm ready to go :)


  1. I would never have known that this was your first try, Summer! Congratulations!!!


  2. Hi dearest Summer , way to go YOU , :))))) , you ARE one naturally creative lady , who's creative facets are endless , one must agree totally with Jan , one would never have known that this was your first attempt at patch work , I so love the hexagon composition , one see's it wont be long before there's a beautiful patch work adorning your bed dear lady . keep at it dear Summer , and WELL done YOU :)))) ( may one place an order now :)))))) )..as always dear lady , my respects to you always , Ban :)))))


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