Friday, 30 January 2015

A Beginners Guide

Hi fellow crafter's, I hope you're all having fun :)
Thank you for your lovely comments on my previous post, they are always appreciated.

Now that I have finished my first practise project of silk ribbon embroidery I thought it was time to invest in some books :)
You can never have enough books to hand!

This one by Ann Cox is a great place to start for beginners, it's packed with information and Techniques.

The second one I bought is this one and my favourite,
it has all the information you will ever need to master this beautiful craft and the author is self taught!
A true inspiration!

I'm so looking forward to doing this new craft and learning all the skills from these wonderful Artists!

Happy Stitching :)

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Peacock Finish-silk ribbon embroidery

Hi all and a warm welcome to even more newcomers :) its lovely to see all the different blogs and interests, hope you all enjoyed blog hopping as much as I did :)

Well, onto the peacock and he's done! it was a very enjoyable if some what frustrating experience, not the silk ribbon embroidery but the fact I ran out of the green silk just at the end for the leaves!!
Ohhhh NO not after all that hard work! so I had to improvise :))
I had a bit of blue silk ribbon left over so I made a smaller blue flower to put over the 4 leaves that would have been unfinished!

apart from running out of ribbon at the end I found it a wonderful experience and will be pursuing this art as one of my many crafts, my list grows longer every year!!
next on the list to do is take this to my framer for framing and buy some silk ribbons ready for my next Silk Ribbon Adventure :))
Thank you for reading
Happy Stitching:)

Monday, 26 January 2015

Silk Ribbon Peacock Update

A Very Very Warm Welcome Newcomers to my blog, its lovely to see you here,
I hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying the blog hopping party,
A very big thank you to Vicki and all her helpers for doing such a great job in organising it all.

just a quick post to say my Peacock is almost finished, just a few more leaves to go and its done,
I've enjoyed doing this very much and will post about my experience of it on the final post.

silk peacock,

have a wonderful day everyone and thank you for reading

Happy Stitching :)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Pooh And Friends update

Hi every one, hope you're all having a lovely stitchy weekend :)
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my peacock.

Here is an update on winnie the pooh latch hook

pooh latch hook rug,

This rug is pretty big 20in by 28in
don't know what that is in cm..I'm old school hahaha
as you can see I'm working right to left, if you're fully left handed you would work left to right,
I also prefer to work vertically rather than horizontal but that's a matter of choice, as long as you work left or right depending on what hand you favour you will be comfortable with your work.

The other thing I do is separate all the wool before I start.
when you get a kit it comes like this 

with all the wool mixed together, this one is from the teddy cushion and there are about 12 of these!
I don't know why they do this, but, anyway, I spend time separating all the colors and put them into sandwich bags, like this

Winnie the pooh wool in sandwhich bags
it makes it so much easier than trying to separate those wool sushi things as you go

Happy Stitching

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Peacock Update

Thank you ALL for your lovely comments on my baby Afghan finish :) I appreciate every one of them.
I've been doing some work on my silk ribbon peacock and this is it so far,
I've re done the eye and he looks sober now LOL

silk ribbon, peacock

silk ribbon, peacock

I'm also working on my winnie the pooh rug at the same time so an update on that soon.

Look at this cute cushion kit I got for Christmas :)
my stash drawer is overflowing

Happy Stitching :)

Monday, 12 January 2015

its done! a finish! baby Afghan Block # 13

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous post and a warm welcome newcomers, it's lovely to see you here.

A Finish at last :)
 Fawn on block#13

stoney creek woodland babies, fawn

its been a very long time since I started this stoney creek woodland baby Afghan,

Oct 2013! but it's finally finished, I'm very pleased with it and it was a joy to make.

I never expected it to take this long when I started but there have been some interruptions with house renovations and decorating!
and me switching from one project to another :)
I Have started to put the cotton backing on and will sew it tomorrow

I Think it will look nice with a backing on,

hope you enjoy it :)

Happy Stitching :)

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Baby Mouse Block # 12

stoney creek woodland babies
baby mouse

Happy New Year Everyone!
Welcome 2015
and a warm welcome newcomers!

I've been busy with my baby Afghan and here is
Baby Mouse :)
a real cutie...

stoney creek woodland babies

only one more block to do on this project.

stoney creek baby afghan

Happy Stitching :)

Friday, 2 January 2015

Silk Ribbon Peacock

Hi Everyone,
hope you all are having a good stitchy start to the new year!
This is the progress on my silk peacock so far,
I've been working on him in the mornings and my baby Afghan in the afternoons Sooo no time for housework.

An update on baby Afghan in the next day or so.


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

A Very Happy New Year To Everyone!
I'm sorry if you were not getting updates from my blog
 for 2 weeks!
Something happened to my posts after I switched from Dynamic views to this Template and it got stuck on Winnie the pooh for 2 weeks!
But I think its sorted now after spending all day yesterday trying to work it out.
Anyway, I wish everyone a very happy and crafty new year!

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