Saturday, 17 January 2015

Peacock Update

Thank you ALL for your lovely comments on my baby Afghan finish :) I appreciate every one of them.
I've been doing some work on my silk ribbon peacock and this is it so far,
I've re done the eye and he looks sober now LOL

silk ribbon, peacock

silk ribbon, peacock

I'm also working on my winnie the pooh rug at the same time so an update on that soon.

Look at this cute cushion kit I got for Christmas :)
my stash drawer is overflowing

Happy Stitching :)


  1. Oh, I love peacocks ..
    This is going to be fabulous ...looking wonderful so far.

    Have a lovely weekend Summer

  2. Oh wow! The peacock is gorgeous and such intricate work!

  3. You are doing amazing work on your peacock. Look forward to seeing your latch hook project soon.

    1. That peacock piece is stunning!
      And, the Winnie the Pooh rug is adorable, looking forward to seeing your progress.

  4. Another great one! It's so intricate :)

  5. Hi dear Summer , I hope I find you well :))) , ooooohhhhhh dear Summer your Peacock is looking absolutely amazing already , and thats before the eyes of the plumes go in .You just so know that this completed piece is going to come racing from the frame and pour its its delightful entourage of interlacing light darkness and colour upon ones feasting eyes , its got Ban's attention already dear Summer , its going to be a truly wonderful and beautiful piece in its conclusion , so glad you were able to assist in resolving peacocks new years eye :)))), I know the feeling well ,it usually takes a gallon of tea to remove mine , but only a pint of Balvenie 17 year old DoubleWood to create it :))) hahahahahaha , the fanned tail being not just for courtship , but a defensive mechanism , any would be predator , suddenly finding themselves faced with a beastie with a hundred eyes , and suddenly three times larger will think twice,this combined with the peacocks aggressive stance,and razor claw would make the best think twice hahahahaha , many cultures kept peacocks as guard dogs , there unique call ringing out on anyones approach ..one of natures more stunning calamus kaleidoscopes , love it !!!!!..dearest Summer , its going to be an second and third eye catcher , once on display :)))) as always dear Summer my respects to you always ,Ban :)))))

  6. Ooooohhhhh how rude of me , sorry dear Summer , love the latch hooks, Winnie the Poo and the gang such timeless individuals , and just look at the display of warming summer colours , a sight for sore eyes for sure I'm visualizing the joy any child would experience on sinking there tootsies in among the gang there present :)))) , and just look at Mr bear all snug in his comfort blanket , of such colorful array , can you just imagine those tiny hands hugging Mr bear with his plush thick fur and fleeced blanket ..ooooohhhh winter mornings were meant to be dismissed by the visualization , and sensory delight of touch of such creations hahahahaha , can I put an order in for the Poo bear rug now dear Summer hahahahaha , bright and beautiful , warming to heart and soul , works for me dear lady :))))..so when ya having the extension put on dear Summer to the house your stash box , know to others as a Tamiya Maersk hahahahahaha , looking forward to seeing the life breath flow within these enchanting projects dear Summer .My greatest respects to you as always dear Summer , Ban :)))))))


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