Friday, 30 January 2015

A Beginners Guide

Hi fellow crafter's, I hope you're all having fun :)
Thank you for your lovely comments on my previous post, they are always appreciated.

Now that I have finished my first practise project of silk ribbon embroidery I thought it was time to invest in some books :)
You can never have enough books to hand!

This one by Ann Cox is a great place to start for beginners, it's packed with information and Techniques.

The second one I bought is this one and my favourite,
it has all the information you will ever need to master this beautiful craft and the author is self taught!
A true inspiration!

I'm so looking forward to doing this new craft and learning all the skills from these wonderful Artists!

Happy Stitching :)


  1. What beautiful inspirations! Happy Stitching!!

  2. Very beautiful. I love your header, it is captivating. I am also an animal lover and have a cat of my own. :)

  3. Looks so hard to me; but I think the results are beautiful. I will look forward to seeing more of your Ribbon Embroideries.

  4. Very wise acquisitions, just couldn't fathom the first book as a "Beginner's", haha. Everything looks so intricate.. But you always do a great job! Happy stitching weekend:)

  5. Oh my ! This is absolutely beautiful ! I'll be starting Japanese embroidery next year with silk thread, but your silk ribbons seem more difficult !

  6. Hi dear Summer , I see you have been bitten by the silk embroidery bug , on the completion of your ''
    trail run''in the form of your gorgeous Peacock as it were :)))) .Its always advisable once one determines to follow a path to know the trail you venture upon .Your purchase of your embroidery books offers insight into what can become a VERY intricate art , requiring intense discipline , a quality I know your blessed with .Just look at the insight offered within these two bindings .a picture can say a thousand words , when attempting to visualize a subject . Will you just look at the Chamomiles subject , the bees,and even the spider descending the top corn head on the left , wonderful work just wonderful . It is individuals sharing in this light , that allow others that follow an easier trail , and remove some of the frustrations that can be faced when venturing into pastures new . Dearest Summer one suspects that this art may be your forte , given the breathtakingly exquisite conclusion of your Stunning First attempt at silk embroidery , in the creation of your Peacock amidst roses .Dear Summer may your latest purchases extend upon your already gifted creative soul .One looks forward to sharing the ventures new in which you embark upon in this field , in the firm knowledge that we will be delighted with your new found creative expressions of art :))))..for the earth does indeed laugh in flowers , as it sings in the scattering of there seeds .wishing you well in your latest ventures dear Summer . As I remain yours and with respects Ban :)))))))))

  7. One can never have too many books...period! These two books of yours are gorgeous. I have a ribbon embroidery, alphabet book written by Di van Niekerk and it is gorgeous book. I must say the Little Flowers looks truly scrumptious. Happy embroidering all those delectable silk flowers, Summer!

  8. Thanks for sharing this great books. I have done a little ribbon embroidery as embellishment on my needlepoint, but I think I can do better.

  9. These both look like wonderful books. The ribbon embroidery is so beautiful!


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