Friday, 2 January 2015

Silk Ribbon Peacock

Hi Everyone,
hope you all are having a good stitchy start to the new year!
This is the progress on my silk peacock so far,
I've been working on him in the mornings and my baby Afghan in the afternoons Sooo no time for housework.

An update on baby Afghan in the next day or so.



  1. It is looking fab already! And we'll not mention housework....lol!

  2. That is neat!!! You're off to a good start. Happy new year.

  3. Oh, that's beautiful!! Love it! Who needs housework??

  4. Hi Dear Summer , well I 've put out the trash , done the pots , washing , ironing,polishing ,hoovered , done a BIG grocery shop , just to ensure theres some food in the place , and that was just to get through ya blog door , but hey why bark when ya have a dog hahahahahaha..Hi dear lady , and how we doing well I hope :)))) , ooooohhhhh Summer , this project I love , your peacocks taking form beautifully , can't wait to see the tail feathers come to life , your needle works extremely tidy Summer , but you've kept your palm leaves fleshy as should be ( not too tight ) . I think your tapestry work has put you in good stead here dear Summer :))) as for the peacocks eye dear Summer , if you look at the picture they sent with your project ,and look carefully at the birds eye there I may be incorrect but it looks like they have laid down stitches , then over stitched it to create a bowl effect beneath the eye , just as we have eye lids and tissue holding our eye in below . like a slight cupping effect to the eye , which offers a slight dimension to the eye of the bird ..see what ya think .:)))))) , that said is not each creation , in its own right an individual , if every ones looked exactly alike there would cease to be an expressionism of the creator ..:)))))) and thats what its ALL about each putting a little of themselves within each creation that they may say ...thats mine , '' I created that ''..its going to look just so stunning dear Summer when complete , its such sharing that make visits to your blog such a treat dear lady ..love it !!!!!!! thank YOU dear Summer , as always my respects Ban :))))))))

  5. Love it.
    You do such beautiful work, Summer.


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