Saturday, 3 January 2015

Baby Mouse Block # 12

stoney creek woodland babies
baby mouse

Happy New Year Everyone!
Welcome 2015
and a warm welcome newcomers!

I've been busy with my baby Afghan and here is
Baby Mouse :)
a real cutie...

stoney creek woodland babies

only one more block to do on this project.

stoney creek baby afghan

Happy Stitching :)


  1. So many stitches in your afghan. So cute! Only one more block? Congratulations!

  2. Hi dear Summer , and a very happy New Year 2015 to you and yours , and who's the latest cheeky baby to join the family of babes on your Afghan blanket dear Summer , it's Mr mouse :))))..the word Mouse comes from the Sanskrit word for mouse, “musuka”, which in turn derives from the Sanskrit “mus” meaning “thief” or “robber”, presumably referring to the fact that mice like to steal food from humans, particularly grains and fruits...the Romans refer to ''mus'' when referring to small..and he/shes such a cutie :))) your needle work is absolutely immaculate dear Summer , one may be forgiven if one thought this gorgeous creature be printed into the fabric , hes so beautifully and lovingly created , and given life to upon this canvas ..the slight shading above the eyes to give a slightly knitted brow , his variable of tones to bring dimension to his/her form , enchanting , with his/her little floral beret cocked to one side as all the colours of early spring and summer he/her holds within sprigged lunch and sided by butterfly and sunflower bright ..:)))))) I've lost count of the times ones said this dear Summer , but never more so , be it be so true , its a wonderful expression of creative giving of love , that you have worked endlessly upon here dear lady , truly a gift so lovingly created for one that has yet to walk this earth , and a gift that will be treasured by its recipient... :)))))) one more baby to go dear lady , and your on your way to backing ..its been wonderful to follow this lovingly created piece from start to now its almost conclusion ..thank YOU dear Summer for sharing your creative art ..lets hope when the occasion comes its not twins , or someone will be dragging the cooker and a bed into the sewing room hahahahahaha .As always dearest Summer , my respects Ban :))))))))

  3. Happy New year Summer--oh how I love your name:)

    The little cross stitch blocks are adorable-- this is going to be the cutest baby quilt ever!!


  4. It's wonderful~
    Happy New Year dear Summer.


  5. Wow, this quilt is going to be nothing short of stunning. You are sew talented! xx

  6. That mouse is so adorable, the entire afghan is wonderful! Looking forward to seeing it when you're finished.

  7. So cute! ;o) Summer, I am sorry I have just got around to your blog now! I want to thank you for coming by and thank you for all your kind comments ;o) Big Hugs and Happy 2015 ;o)


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