Saturday, 4 April 2015

Luxe Fur Teddies

HI everyone
I hope you're having a lovely Easter weekend and not eating too many chock bunnies :)

I bought this wonderful pattern for knitted teddies
they're so cute, you wouldn't even know they're  knitted.

This is the first one I've made, I'm going to make a couple more which I will post when done,
I'm waiting on my wool to turn up but one will be snowy white and the other red :)
I think they will look lovely together.

here is the first one I've knitted

he's all super soft and squishy and so lovely and warm

and here he sits with the other soft toys

when I started knitting him it was a bit like knitting a tarantula
hahaha :)

My Bamboo needles arrived from Hong Kong and didn't take long at all to turn up, about 10 days and the price was great...only £3 or about $4 from Amazon and that includes postage! so who can complain at that for 18 sets of needles!! in all sizes.... well pleased :))

Happy Crafting :)

Thanks for visiting


  1. Oh my those teddies are soooo cute!!! The one you knit is spectacular. Were they difficult to knit? What type of yarn is that? Well done on the great deal on the needles.

  2. Your Teddie's will be so adorable. It looks difficult with all the fur. But, they look fantastic when all finished. Glad you received your new knitting needles and that you are happy with them.

  3. Oh my gosh Summer: This is adorable, however if you had not given us a picture of the knitting needles with yarn I would have said impossible.
    I have on my bucket list for retirement to learn how to knit and crochet.

    Happy Blessed Easter

  4. My goodness those teddies don't look as if they are knitted. They are adorable! It would be interesting knitting with that furry wool. Those needles were a great buy!

  5. I can hardly believe they are knitted teddies as they are amazing! So soft and cuddly!
    Happy Easter!

  6. Summer, the teddie you knitted is adorable ...

    Soon it will be Easter Sunday here, I have an Easter egg hunt planned for Rose and a lovely dinner for my family.
    (and of-course some chocolate bunnies.)

    Happy Easter

  7. Such a cool project! And yours turned out adorable!! A keep sake for many years to come! Happy Easter to you!! Nicole

  8. Hiya dearest Summer on this Easter Sunday ''HAPPY EASTER''dear lady , I hope I find you and your's well on this special day in the Christian calendar ..It was right up to the wire for this Easter Bunny as my multiple of deliveries took on a variety of detours beyond my control ..but good will , will out , and the Easter visited all the children within the family once more :))))) hahahahaha..but to the subject in hand :)))) And what a cutie , of ALL cuties presents its self before us this day hahahahahaha WHAT A DARLING FOR SURE :))))).., this is a new material to Ban , Luxe fur wool, wool with what appears to be impregnated with fur / hair , hahahahahaha its an amazing concept , with the most stunning of overall finished effects , but obviously a material that in its own right presents working difficulties , TO SAY THE LEAST hahahaha , Ooooohhhhh dearest Summer I KNOW you love a challenge , but you have excelled your self here . How one even keeps track of the main tread amidst the multitude of fur let alone pass the wool through in stitch is in its self a indicator as to the extremely high level of concentrationary focus you are capable of ..astounding craft'' woman''ship dearest Summer truly a complexity brought to heel by an ordered creative mind , AMAZING achievement dear Summer absolutely AMAZING achievement..One could NEVER know by looking at this lovely creature that it was knitted , the creature looks Sooooo fur fabricated , but this gorgeous creature will have the added bonus, of not having any hard limb joints . Making it a lovely bed companion ...The creature is perfect , soft , fury , and Soooooo appealing to the eye ..enchanting absolutely enchanting , and that you create a companion that this lovely creature have someone to cuddle only further enhances the lovability of the creatures , will you just look at those eyes hahahahahaha ..the turm ''heart breaker'' comes racing to mind ..but given Snowy will have his Red as companion and to cuddle all hearts will be safe :)))) hahahaha ..Dear Summer yet another NEW venture entered into and mastered ..your becoming quite the entrepreneur of art and craft work dear Lady ..but given your beautiful creative being its hardly surprising..:))) A beautifully crafted creature and Easter share dearest Summer ..Enchanting to the ultimate :)))) ..THANK YOU dear Summer. As always dearest Summer , My sincere respects to you ...Ban ..:))))))))

  9. Wow! That's an amazing bear. :) Very cute.

  10. Gosh they look so cute :) doesn't look like it's knitted at all.. have a great day!!

  11. What cool knitting you do! THose bears look awesome!! I looked at your gallery and you do beautiful work.

  12. These bears are so adorable, have fun making them;)

  13. Hi Summer!

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I love your blog! The colors are so vibrant and cheerful! Your knitted teddy bear is gorgeous. Where did you find that pattern? I laughed out loud when you said that it was a bit like knitting a tarantula.

    I have family in England. My sister and my niece live in Weybridge. I haven't been to visit in a very long time. I hope to get there someday soon.


  14. He is so cute! I am in love!! I hope you had a great Easter ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  15. Wow your bear is great so cute. I know I could not make this well done.

  16. Aw, love the teddies, I must make one of these one day! Great deal on the needles, enjoy working with them! :)

  17. Your ted is gorgeous and there is no way you would know he was knitted. Keep up the good work! :)


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