Monday, 30 March 2015

Happy Easter...

Wishing you all a lovely Easter with your family 
Loved one's.

I Finished my knitted bunny on 21st of March but saved him till now to wish you all
A Happy Easter.

Don't eat too many Chocolate Bunnies now!




  1. Such a sweet bunny. Happy Easter to you!

  2. Blessings to you this Easter! Your bunny is cute as can be.

  3. Love this post.

    Happy Easter

  4. Such a cute post. It made me smile and laugh. Your bunny turned out so cute. Happy Easter Wishes sent your way.

  5. Cute Easter bunny and enjoyed the fun clips!
    Happy Easter!

  6. Your knitted bunny is adorable :-) And I LOVE the chocolate bunny pic; I have a polymer stamp with the same saying. Too funny! Happy Easter :-)

  7. love your knitted bunny. A Happy Easter to you.

  8. Hi dearest Summer AND ALL TENDING may one first open by wishing YOU ALL and ALL YOUR LOVED ONE'S this approaching Easter , A VERY HAPPY EASTER , filled with LOVE , PEACE , and HARMONY , may the " ONE " you follow be with you and your's ALWAYS ..AND a BIG beautiful thank YOU for holding off presenting your" Easter " Rabbit :)))) that he/she may be with us ALL at this special time :))).... "The Easter" or Easter Bunny also known as Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare is a well known folklore figure and for many country folk is a symbol of Easter , why the Rabbit / Hare have you seen these guys in the meadows come spring they epitomize all that is wanting of life :)))) , the rabbit bringing Easter eggs Originates from German Lutherans (A branch of Protestant Christianity) the "Easter Hare" originally played the role of judge, he determined as to if a child had been good or naughty at the start of the season of Eastertide hence if a gift be given or not :)))))..AND TRUST ME , Ban had many a sleepless night wondering if an Easter egg would be hidden for me to find Easter morning hahahahahaha , I Jest NOT hahahahahaha . Originally "The Easter" would carry his coloured eggs bound to willow sticks with reed leaves ..but as time past "Easter" was shown as carrying a basket, containing eggs, candy or gifts ..as with Christmas an interaction between old folklore , enters into Christianity ..Why Eggs one my ask ..Eggs have long represented fertility, and rebirth , as far back as to the pre-christian Egyptian era as in the seasonal coming forth of natural life after winter as in the re-growth of flowers trees etc.. ..In Christianity , the egg represents the life less looking stone that covered Jesus's tomb ..And yet life in the form of a chick bursts forth from what looks lifeless...Easter eggs are hollow and in breaking the egg ( the tomb Stone ) one see's the tomb to be empty ..for Jesus was reborn prior to the removal or breaking open of the tomb ....So dearest Summer your Gorgeous "Easter" , could not have made a more timely entrance hahahahahaha ..And what a cutie :)))))) just look at those AMAZING ears , a PROPER Easter Bunny he/she TRULY is ..and as a veteran Easter bunny my self I should know hahahahaha It's ALL in the ears you know dearest Summer the BIGGER the better for that perfect " Easter " :))))...That amazing twitching nose smiling split bunny mouth leading forth to the philtrum and pout muzzle all cumulating into the cutiest of bunny faces :)))))), LOVE IT , LOVE IT , LOVE IT hahahahahaha , and will you check out those heavy tufted ears , and feet , Oooooohhhhh hes All "Easter" alright ..he/she's Gorgeous dear Summer , and again considering how long its been since you clicked ya sticks , he/she's one wonderful example of what can be achieved when one puts ones creative hat on ..YOU truly are a beacon to all those follower's who have thought of having a dabble into some craft or other and second thought themselves and thought NO I could not do that ..WELL IF Summer can YOU can ..GIVE IT A GO What you got to loose ...Dearest Summer YOU never fail to amaze me in your ability to take up the challenge , and even if ya do take a tumble or two along the learning trail , your straight back to feet , dust off and away again :)))) T'is a beautiful Free Spirit YOU are ..NEVER change dear Summer , and as always I've chuntered on hahahahaha ..Dear Summer Have a brilliant Easter ,( Bealtaine do Dhia bheith in éineacht leat i gcónaí.)And as ALWAYS my sincere respects to you dear lady ...HAPPY EASTER DEAR SUMMER ..Sooooooo LOVE the chick , I know the feeling well hahahahahaha :))))))))

  9. Yeah I know I'm like a bad smell ya just can't get rid of me hahahahaha :)))) , Saw this thought of YOU ..Blessed are ALL those that create for they bring into the World that born of there minds ,hearts , and souls ...And in a world of destruction , there offerings ..NO MATTER WHAT THEY BE... , cast bright beautiful sunshine upon the darkness that the few would create ..

    Prayer for Artists
    Vienna Cobb Anderson

    Bless the creators, O God of creation,
    who by their gifts make the world
    a more joyful and beautiful realm.
    Through their labors
    they teach us to see more clearly
    the truth around us.
    In their inspiration
    they call forth wonder and awe
    in our own living.
    In their hope and vision
    they remind us
    that life is holy.
    Bless all who create in your image,
    O God of creation.
    Pour your Spirit upon them
    that their hearts may sing
    and their works be fulfilling.

    Respects Ban :)))

  10. Happy Easter, cute bunny and I love the duck.

  11. Happy Easter dear summer ...

    The bunny is adorable ...


  12. cute bunny, you are talented. that little sleepy duck is just darling and had me smiling and smiling. i am wondering if the duck is yours. sweet little chicks to

  13. I love your bunny and your whole post made me smile :) Happy Easter!

  14. Awwww, I hope you had a great Easter ;o) Beautiful post ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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