Monday, 16 March 2015

Pooh and friends rug is finished

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a lovely weekend
Thank you for your lovely comments on my other posts.

Pooh bear and friends rug is finished and I'm fairly happy with it,
I say fairly because it wasn't finished the way I had planned.

I had bought some rug binding tape that was supposed to stick the canvas down but it was worse than useless and wouldn't even stick an envelope down
So..the first big plan was scrapped and it was down to hand stitching rug binding on,
using nylon invisible thread,

first stitching it onto the canvas

then going back round again to stitch down onto the back of the rug canvas

and one finished winnie the pooh rug :))

Happy Stitching :)

and happy new week to all


  1. Sorry you had some difficulty with the finish. I think it turned out great. Love how the back is as cute as the front!

  2. It's so lovely! Another great finish;)

  3. Oooh your banner is amazing!! Is that the view from one of your windows?? Your rug is gorgeous!

  4. I love it. You do such neat work!

  5. Hiya dearest Summer as always one hopes to find you well, and still here after that first cut of the year , I swear every year the sióga add a little to the lawn length , that or since I turned twenty one I've got a little slower , narrrrr , it's the sióga alright hahahaha ..well you finally got there dear lady and what a joy it is to behold dear Poo and his friends in there coming together in this there finalized state :))))) , I Sooooo love this rug its just knowing ya going to sink sooooo deep into that pile and the fibers come up tween ya toes like summer grasses in the meadows hahahahaha, its like Poo and pal's are just inviting you into there throng , and making ya one of the gang ... LOVE IT !!!!! .Is it not all that represents that which every child should know , not only in its warmth of multiple bright beautiful summer colours , but of the feeling of loving comradeship all bound up in that all important word '' friendship '' , from a time that moved at a slower pace , in which summer days lasted longer.. and violence was no more than Pulcinella and Joan ( Punch and Judy )..dear Summer the piece is a visual feast of interwoven transcendent exuberance to behold , and so in keeping with with all that is Summer :))))... As for the so called binding tape dearest Summer , to quote my father and late grandfather ..there are two kinds of job ..a fast job or a good job , never do the two exist in the same sentence .. so glad you went with the , " YES " more time consuming and finger biting hand sewing GOOD JOB , than the " YES " the supposed faster less time consuming FAST JOB ..for its long been determined that the so called FAST JOB , undoubtedly ends up being lesser in quality , and hey why Spoil the ship for a ha'pworth of tar ( why spoil the ship for a halfpenny worth of tar ) the definition being why spoil something completely by trying to make a small economy.Be that economy be of cash , time , or material or any other ...So glad your impeccable tootsee tantalizing irresistible beguiling , creation of the first order , got its last ha'pworth of tar :)))))...for t'is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT ..An enchanting piece that insites wonderful memories of times gone by ...I soooooo love this piece dearest Summer , TRULY :)))))) ..Dearest Summer I , as always , extend my most sincere respects to you , Ban :))))))) ...

  6. Oh, it's beautiful.
    Love it, summer


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