Monday, 2 March 2015

pooh bear update

I've been working on my pooh bear rug and it's nearly finished,
just piglet to do :)

this time I'm NOT sewing the binding on the sewing machine..last time I broke SO many needles

And I'm not sewing it by hand...I worked my fingers to the bone doing that,

how am I going to finish it...

you'll have to wait and see


  1. No matter what age you are Pooh and friends always bring a smile to the face. They're looking great! :)

  2. Wonderful progress, Summer :-) I look forward to seeing how you plan to finish it.

  3. ..and you still have time to do this?! You're so amazingly talented, creative and patient,lol. Wonderful progress!

  4. Love this piece, I love Pooh.


  5. This rug is too cute. Can't wait to see Piglet!!!

  6. So cute! I can't wait to see how you finish it!! Hugs ;o)

  7. Hi dearest Summer ,and straight away my eyes are met by some old pals , is there anyone can say they know them not ..Oooohhhhh dear Summer its going to be sooo wonderful to see these friends in completed state :)))) does this rainbowed collage not shout out loud friends having fun on a summers day , the characters are timeless , and so should be , let every child wring every drop of childhood form there allotted time as children . For we move in such a fast world now . Such characters allow EVERY ONE a moments calming as one reflects our own interaction with these pals ..truly a gift for any child to treasure can there be any greater comforter than to know Poo ,Eeyore,and Piglet are close by as you sleep and come the morning there ,there to snuggle ya pinkies into when you climb out of bed hahahahaha ..forget ya xboxes sit your child down on ya knee and read him / her Winnie the Poo :)))))) ...Dearest Summer your transition from piece to piece is so wonderful to be party too, You are such a breath of fresh air , and a whirlwind in your creative aspirations , truly a flag ship for all those considering entering the world of creativity..WELL DONE YOU :)))), as for applying the binding on this scrummy gorgeous piece , your NOT sewing it by machine , NOT sewing by hand , you do know locking bob-a-job girl guides in ya sewing room and having them hand sew it for a bob isn't allowed any more dont'cha hahahaha dear lady one awaits the out come and your latest idea on said subject and the completion of this truly wonderful piece of childhood memory in the physical ..till then dear lady , I remain yours respectfully Ban , can't wait completion :)))))

  8. Pooh rug looks super cute! can't wait to see the finished one. Have fun making:)

  9. I love the rug. Many years ago I enjoyed making rugs and also counted cross stitch projects. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Mildred


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