Thursday, 25 December 2014

Look What Santa Claws Got Me

Look what Santa claws got for me...

I win..hahaha I'll just sit on it lol

hope you're all having fun...like me,
Merry Christmas


  1. Hi dearest Summer and a VERY VERY MERRY AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS...:))) Hi Mr Puddie what ya got :))))) ya must have been a good boy for Santa Claws to bring ya that ya lucky boy..so ya chase the mouse that's under the skirt and bobs in and out from within at will..and when you have had enough ya sit on the mousie....hahahahahaha..NOT exactly what the manufacturer had in mind..but hey your game your rules..:)))...just look at picture three dearest Summer...the classic hooded forward ears....that direct the cats face ( eyes) directly onto the unseen mouse as its visualized beneath the skirt...only a Gods hand could have created such a uniquely balanced energy force that is cat..Hope you both had a fantastic Christmas day dear lady..I just know Mr Puddie cat Bruiser will have loved his Christmas day treats especially his special Christmas day dinner...YUM YUM YUM..you lucky lucky boy Mr Puddie..He looks sooooo well dear Summer..who would recognise him now you have worked wonders with him.:)))))) My dearest Summer I so hope you and yours enjoyed a fantastic Christmas day ..wonderful share dear lady absolutely wonderful and on a busy day too ..Go gerrrrrrmm Mr Puddie cat..hahahahahaha......a loving lovely share dear Summer Thank YOU . My respects to you as always dear Summer ....MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE....Ban'))))

  2. Oh, such a sweetie :-) I have a matching kitty at my house. I hope you had a Merry Christmas :-)


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