Monday, 2 September 2013

Winter Cat Detail

Here is a quick update of winter cat and the outlining of the berries in the Ivy, there's not allot of outlining in this picture I'm pleased to say :) its not my fave thing so I'm doing it as I go along.

A close up of the berries

before the outlining

Finished :)

  happy stitching :)



  1. Those berries truly "pop"...beautiful, Summer~~~


  2. Wow, those colours are great (:

  3. They are lovely colors. What are you stitching, is it 1 strand or 2? You are brave to work on black! Do you employ any tricks, like putting a piece of white paper under your fabric so you can see the holes better?

    That's what I usually do, but I also have a little light that I shine under the fabric when it's particularly hard to see.

    I also usually increase the thread count to 3 strands when I am working on a dark fabric, that way you don't see the color of the fabric bleed through. But it's a trade off... if you stitch with 3 or more, then the floss tends to not lie flat, and when you stitch with less, then you will get a little bit of bleeding. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground!

    But black fabric certainly pops the work our more, doesn't it?

    Beautiful stitching!


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