Sunday, 1 September 2013

Winter Cat Update 2

Hi all :) This is winter cat today 1st sep, its coming along and I'm now in a hurry to finish it so I can start my next project.. English Rose :) I don't like having more than one project on the go at any one time... I like to finish one before I start another, I find the change from one chart and colors to another too confusing..so onwards with my winter cat :) Happy Sunday to all who visit.

happy stitching :)



  1. I can't wait to see the finished project...beautiful!!!


  2. Hi dear Summer my how you have moved along on this piece of art , and whilst I understand your wanting to be moving on to your English rose piece , one does not want to spoil the ship for a halfpence of tar , as it were ( take your time :)))) ), I can relate to you doing the half stitching as you go ,it also gives you a break from it , as you fill that area , rather then , half stitching all day prior to filling...we see here the cooler eyes of this beautiful creature , it representing the winter cat , in comparison with the fiery eyes of the summer cat ...ones drawn to the softness of its eyes ..in comparison with the fiery red what appear to be holly berries ..simply divine dear Summer , I thank you, for taking the time to share with us one of your many beautiful creative and artistic gifts , as always dear Summer my sincere respects , MacTire :))))


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