Sunday, 10 November 2013

baby afghan

Hi Bloggers
just a quick update on the baby afghan, I'm still working on the baby frog and doing the outlining now, it says in the chart booklet long stitch as well as back stitch BUT I have left out ALL the long stitch and I'm just doing tiny back stitches

so there is no chance of baby getting their tiny fingers caught in the stitches.

There is still a bit more to do on baby frog, finish the outline and there's a cute butterfly and ladybird to do.
another update on this cutie next week,

happy stitching


  1. Aughhhhh Summer , your really applying your self to this project ..'' only tiny stitches NO long so NO chance baby can get its fingers caught in stitches '' ..:))))) IS SO YOU :))).. bless the beauty within your heart ...a very special project here , being lovingly created for a VERY special tiny person yet to come who will be SO loved ...I so love the frog .your needle works so perfectly placed ...beautifully done dear Summer ..so lovingly and beautifully done ..have a fantastic Monday dear lady ..respects Mac Tire :)))))

  2. So precious...so sweet and adorable...did I mention that it is also lovely :) Smart that you thought of the "long" stitches catching tiny little baby fingers...stitched with caring and love~~~

    Warm Hugs,


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