Wednesday, 6 November 2013

baby afghan update frog

Hi all, this is baby frog :) cute or what :) this is the second block and woodland baby on the afghan. I'm enjoying this project very much, although the fabric is very thick and the holes are very large which makes the stitching loose, it makes you think.. will it all fall apart when baby plays with it..so, I have knotted all the threads at the back so that wont happen, it doesn't matter if you have knots (in fact I'd recommend it) as there will be a backing on it. also I'm using 3strands of thread not 2 and 2 for the back stitch not 1 as stated in the booklet. another update soon when baby frog is finished :)

 happy stitching :)

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  1. Hi dearest Summer , I SO SO love the frog hahahaha he /shes to die for :)))))... whilst I in NO way wish to try teach my gran how to suck eggs , but I think the fabric will tighten up once washed dear Summer .is the fabric cotton ..or any part there of cotton ..if so it will tighten ..the old canvass tents used to leak rain untill that first wetting ..which tightened the fabric to water tight :)))) so one imagines the same occuring dear lady .as said if blanket is cottton or any part there of cotton ..but as always.. forever safe than sorry Summer has the matter in hand ...its going to be such beautiful project to see in its completion ..so nice to know you VERY quickly got the workings of your new toy the sewing machine , under your belt too ..always new things to learn dear Summer ..and you quickly learn :))))) ..have a fantastic new week dear lady ..respects as always Mac Tire :)))))


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