Sunday, 27 October 2013

Baby Owl is finished Block #1

stoney creek, woodland babies, owl
stoney creek, woodland babies

Hi everyone :) Thank you for your comments on my previous posts, its always lovely to see you have visited and any input or tips you might have :)
talking of tips... I have one for anyone using the plastic snap frames, I've been using it for the first time on my baby afghan blanket, I really like the frame but where it snaps onto your fabric it can pull and snag the stitches so I bought some thin but strong cleaning cloths and cut them to size and put them in between the fabric and the piece of plastic that snaps on... it works a treat :) no more snagged stitches or pulled material.

I've finished the first woodland baby, the baby owl :)
he was a treat to stitch. yesterday I realised this blanket will need a backing as you cant leave all the threads exposed to baby... and do I have a sewing machine.. NO
So onto the Internet I went ( its a wonderful thing) :)
and ordered a sewing machine, that's being delivered on Tuesday, its been years and years since I touched a sewing machine..but a new adventure awaits :) maybe new hobbies will come from my new toy lol
you never know!!

happy stitching :)


  1. So darling and adorable, Summer...love him! Have fun with your new toy when it arrives :)

    Big Hugs~~~

  2. Hi dear Summer , its wonderful to see your baby blanket taking shape , the Owl looks amazing ..so beautifully bright ...your Idea with the fabric strips to stop the frame snagging the blanket , as all brilliant idea's a simple method applied to resolve a problem ..way to go you :))) ... hope your Son and Daughter -in -law's honeymoon goes well dear lady ..as always Dear Summer my respects Mac Tire :)))))


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