Monday, 14 October 2013

The postman knocks

Today the postman delivered my baby afghan and chart :) it looks very nice.

 I also ordered one of these plastic clip together frames, I've never used one before and wonder if any of you have and what are they like to use? I thought it may be better than a hoop, I usually use a frame but don't think I'll get all the baby blanket on there lol well only time will tell how I get on with the clip frame but please feel free to let me know what YOUR experiences are.

happy stitching :)


  1. That darling blanket looks wonderful...love the pattern that you included here.

    I've never used the frame that you posted. I have always used hoops or nothing, so I'm no help, Summer...sorry :(

    Hugs My Friend,

  2. I came over from Jan's blog.
    I wish I learned how to cross stitch.
    I could make some lovely things for my granddaughter.

  3. Dear Summer this blanket looks just to die for ..its maze of baby animals is just so lovely and perhaps a good starter for one just starting out in that each piece of work is not in its self to daunting in its size for the starter into cross stitching needle work ..what a beautiful project ...thank you so for sharing .respects Mac Tire :)))


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