Friday, 11 October 2013

Woodland Babies

I Thought I would start making a little gift now for my son and his wife to be, they are getting married at the end of this month and plan to start a family straight away so I thought I would make them a woodland baby blanket. it looks beautiful and SOooo cute :) I will stitch some of that in between making my English Rose picture and hopefully I will finish it by the time a baby comes along lol :)

happy stitching :)


  1. How wonderful and this will be a lovely handmade gift for your future grandchild...best wishes to all!!!

    Big Hugs~~~

  2. What a wonderful gift , in that I know EVERY single stitch that's laid will be done so with such love , that is of your beautiful being .. just a week away now dear Summer ..you must be feeling quite excited , and so pleased that your son has found such a wonderful girl , as she has found a wonderful loving man in your son ..I offer my congratulations to them both ..may they know many years of happiness together ...you must be VERY proud ..and have every right to be so ...they will Soooo love this wonderful gift dear Summer ... ..so come the time will it be nanna ..or Gran ..:))))) ... as always dear Summer my most sincere respects , yours as always Mac Tire :))))))


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