Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Beautiful colors

making progress on my cushion and the colours are bright and beautiful on cold dark December days.
I'm really enjoying making this project, its fun and easy.

happy stitching :)


  1. Oh wow, you are really motoring on this! The way you're going, you'll be done by Christmas.

  2. Hi dear Summer ... Oooohhhhh dear lady how beautiful this composition is ..its like looking into a flickering fire who's embers warm ones soul and in turn send a warm glow all over ones body ..just absolutely sublime dear Summer ..and one imagines so soft to the touch ...exquisite ..just absolutely exquisite ...and so warming to the eyes .....a truly beautiful share dear Summer ..I Thank YOU for taking the time out of your busy day dear lady and in presenting your art so beautfully .....as always I remain yours and forward unto you my respects :))) Mac Tire ....


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