Saturday, 7 December 2013

Say Hello to baby Squirrel

This is baby Squirrel :)
and is block three in the baby afghan, this project is a joy to make and I'm finding it hard to stick to my winter cat project because I keep coming back to the afghan :)
but progress is being made but it wont be finished this side of Christmas.

happy stitching :)


  1. The baby squirrel is just beautiful so very cute, hugs.

  2. They have such adorable little faces, don't they? I do remember moaning something awful about the browns though. There was just so much brown!

    This is looking stunning!

  3. Hi dear Summer ..already one see's the cheekiness of this admirable creature taking fold and hopes that the browns give way to reds as one reaches the plumed tail ...rather browns than a sea if endless years of blue though me thinks dear lady Hahaha ....just so heart capturing a creation ..and so of your being ...exquisite share Summer ...thank YOU :)) warmest Respects Mac Tire


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