Sunday, 13 April 2014

Baby Skunk Block #5

Hi All :)
Baby Skunk is finished on my Afghan, he's a real cutie :)
and block 5 on the list.

stoney creek woodland babies
stoney creek woodland babies

Now onto block 6
I'm not telling what it is hahaha you'll have to wait and see lol

wishing everyone a very happy peaceful Easter,

don't eat too many easter bunnies now!


  1. Oh, Summer!!! You gave me something adorable to see and something else so funny to laugh about...thank you!!!

    Big Hugs

  2. Love the baby skunk afghan.
    And the rest made me smile

    Happy Easter, Summer

  3. Hi Dear Summer :)))) , and yet another beautiful baby critter joins the merry woodland throng hahahahaha..love him/her..that playful twinking of the petalled flower as nuzzled in playful exploration , its bounty a full centred seeds cluster make for a nutritious meal ..and as ALL babies EVERYTHING goes straight to the mouth hahahaha..so enchanting as always dear lady , how bold this creature sits in striking tones that flicker on edging limbs that all may heed ''' give way or stink ye for the rest of day ''''' :))))) ''squunck"borrowed from Algonquian language ( Black Foot but one ) , Skunks also known as polecats , of which I have a great love as Ferrets ..not your day to day pet and if threatened oooohhh la la , the scent carries a good mile hahahaha ..but variety is the spice of life dearest Summer , and unto each there own cumulative distinctions that gives unto this world the marvels and wonders abound :))))) ..I sooooooo love the chick , Minstrel says him too , as he gazes with fixed eye but ever tilting head and ears hahahahaha...Dear Summer you bring a smile to my lips, and eyes , NEVER change dear lady , May your Easter be filled with all the wonderment of its bringing , Happy Easter Dearest Summer :)))))))))) , as always dear lady my sincere respects to you ..கொதித்தது என்ற வாதைகளை வெள்ளிக்கிழமை வருகின்றன, hahahahaha Ban :)))))))))


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