Friday, 4 April 2014

Tote 2

I made this Autumn tote with one side beautiful autumn reds and oranges
 and the other blues and reds,
it will be lovely to use come Autumn :)

tote bag
summer tote
winter tote

Happy Stitching


  1. Hi Dear Summer , I hope I find you well given the recent influx of Sahara sand mixing with european pollution , creating one very heavy smog over the South of England , in doing so affecting the breathing of many , one so hopes you are not one of the many affected :)))))).... Another Richly diverse creation here again dear Summer :))))) , so speaking of all that is autumn in its rich octominal colours , fused with tones of red autumn maple and blaze , counter toned with the multi -blues of the autumn Japanese Surreal blue maple..enchanting just so warming to the eye and heart dear Summer , yet again you balance your interaction of tones so beautifully , each giving unto the other that which they share allowing that not shared to become more present to the eye , akin to looking apon a flower garden , and all edged in a beautiful soft reddened silk , beautiful , just so femininely beautiful ..love it dear Summer :))))) ..and why so the colours we so greatfully see come end of year ... green leaves loose there chlorophyll come the Autumn breaking down to orange and yellow , because the carotenoid pigment's carotene's and xanthophylls show through ..the bright red purple and blue leaves need different molecules they are very cleaver molecules called anthocyanins, and they stop sap entering these leaves allowing the leaves mobilize carbohydrates into sugars within the leaves , so whilst the greened leaves fall in orange and yellows ... reds , purples and blues , hold fast giving unto us the glorious last sombience of colour before winter lays her cloak of white apon the earth till come the spring again ..hahahahaha ..another beautiful creation dear Summer that appeals to Bans eye , complete with a splash of tartan which is always a welcoming site ..slight McAlpine similes me thinks :))))) yet again dear Summer I thank you , for sharing your creative art and heart with us :)))) , as always dear Summer I remain your respectfully Ban :)))))))

  2. My sweet, Summer...this tote is absolutely stunning! You have so much talent and it shows here very pretty indeed!!!


  3. I love the tote , it's beautiful Summer


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