Saturday, 29 March 2014

summers on the way...

yes, that's right summer is on the way..its official :) British summer time starts tomorrow and today was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine :) the morning was spent gardening and this afternoon I made this tote bag, perfect for all those picnics on a hot summers day :)

 how it started

finished, lined and Quilted

Happy Stitching

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  1. Hi Summer :))))), yes its official , British summer time begins now :))) and its of cause Mothering Sunday here in the U.K. too....I know its a different day in America , but for millions of mums here in the U.K. it will be a day mums get that little extra loving attention ..and why not :)))))).... but back to the subject at hand ..I love my visits here dear Summer because one never quite knows what's going to be the subject matter that greets you as you walk through the door :))))..what GORGEOUS tote bag dear Summer so reflecting of all that's summer , I'm so loving the rich warm vibrant colours that oscillate throughout the bag and what an absolute divine lining , ones a great lover of the warming colours , with well stitched in handles I see , an absolute must for any tote bag , because of the weight when full :))) , my mother NEVER went any where without one ..and EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING went in there , her anti- mugging device , I swear she kept a half house brick in the bottom hahahahaha ...but they are so the business end of your ALL pupose day to day work horse bag ..is there a situation when one is not functional ..your particular beautiful summer creation dear Summer has all that's expected in the tote ..good depth , diameter , and strength just the job for those summer excursions , so pack that picnic , mount up , and find that special spot by your favorite chuckling stream dear lady , and just soak up those VERY welcoming sun rays :))))).. a beautiful bright well made summer tote dear Summer , that one finds extremely attractive to the eye ..its a big thank YOU from Ban for sharing this your latest beautiful creation with us dear Summer , love it :))))) as always dear Summer my sincere respects Ban .:)))))) ...DONT forget that sun block :)))) hahahaha :)))))


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