Friday, 14 March 2014

pin wheel passion

Hi All :)
well, I've been practising no end this last week as you'll know I'm new to sewing machine work and any quilting but want yet another hobby :) so I'm trying my hand at teaching myself sewing, learning along the way by watching others and plenty of practice and patience lol
The pattern I'm going to try on my very first quilt will be the pin wheel, I love these and I thought it would look great on a baby quilt which is what I'm starting out with, something not too big and beyond what I can do at the moment,
so here are some practice pin wheels I did this week, I think they came out well :)

also my table that I ordered was delivered giving me plenty of work space now and another is on its way for the other side of the room... so even more top work space and storage underneath.

I'm so very lucky to have this spare room to turn into a sewing room and I love it, it faces an open field full of wildlife and it's just lovely on a spring day to sit and sew and look at all the wildlife around :)

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  1. Hi dear Summer :))))) so love your first effort at your pin wheels , truly love the floral inlays , they look like daisies:)))) divine just so thoroughly divine , your choice of colour's look so fresh and crisp , and greens of cause give one that feeling of coolness , I admire your '' take the bull by the horns '' as it were , attitude to not only to your creative projects , but life dear lady :))))) , you methodically work your way through the processes practicing , taking your time , learning , applying that learnt , until you master that which you seek to learn , never yielding , never giving up , learning from your mistakes , building slowly on solid foundations ..your first attempt at pin wheels , are so indicative of your ability to apply your self , to the many beautiful acts creativity you share with us , and to Life , one admires your aptitude , enchanting just so absolutely enchanting .One believes we can ALL draw from this shared experience ,a lesson not only in creativity , but a lesson in life , ANYTHING WORTH HAVING IS WORTH WORKING FOR ..A lovely share dear Summer , one wishes you all that you seek from this latest project ..I am as always yours sincerely and and respectfully Ban :)))))))


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