Sunday, 23 March 2014

Quilt finish

The baby Quilt is finished and its far from perfect but for my very first attempt I'm pleased with it 
the more I create the better they will become and the more I will learn.

first made quilt
first quilt

Happy Stitching


  1. What a fantastic first quilt, you've done a great job! I also love the colours you chose for the Dresden Plate, it looks beautiful already.

  2. Hi dear Summer :))) , WAY TO GO dear lady :)))))) its a child's rainbow'ed conundrum of mosaic wonderment you present before us today :)) ..you have it all in its composition dear Summer ,letters , animals , shapes, colour ..the cellular components that make up each brick of pin are so balanced in tone and colour that none call to the eye more so than any other , as a result the eye is draw to the whole composition of the quilt AT FIRST , only then to seek out the quilts individual cellular components ..its akin to looking at a large painting of a landscape initially , because the painting is balanced one sees the whole ..it is only on closer examination , do we see the sheep in the meadows and birds in the tree's you get my drift dear lady :)) ..I've mentioned it before , when you laid out your pins prior to construction , but will say it again , you have a good eye in your balancing of colour's through out your piece here ..I genuinely like what I see dear lady :)))) . Your modest opinion of your first attempt at quilting , is so indicative of the Summer I know , but so inaccurate of that which you have created for the very first time and a machine you are still mastering . You are right to be pleased with that you have created , for it is a beautiful thing that you present to us Summer , and indeed all life is a learning curve dear lady , to quote that old obvious saying '' Practice makes perfect '' , you just took your first step into the world of quilting dear Summer , and I am not alone in thinking , '' what a fantastic first quilt '' and '' turned out beautifully ''..I await with baited breath your next attempt dear lady , for I see before me a beautiful creation .. I thank YOU for sharing your multiple faceted creativity with us dear Summer , and remain yours respectfully Ban :)))))


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