Tuesday, 4 March 2014

perfect feet

perfect feet... for perfect stitches,

my foot came today that has a guide on it and its great :) 
its the 1/4 in foot used in quilting. quilting requires that you use a 1/4 inch seam on your quilt so everything matches up easily. some of you will be able to do this just by looking but sewing machines and all that goes with it are new to me so I'm glad of this little foot to help me along the way :)

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  1. Hi dear Summer :)))))) , thank you for sharing your new feet addition with us , its guiding plate offers a steadying hand whilst producing uniform stitches , we must ALL learn to walk before we can run dear summer as we enter into any new ventures , it is only with time and practice we ALL of us feel proficient enough in to remove the stabilizers as it were . This said if an addition makes life easier , it only makes good sense to draw apon its capabilities , especially where stitching is being used in the decorative as in quilting . I thank you for bringing this addition to our attention dear Summer , in doing so you don't assume all your viewers be well practiced in the art of sewing . And may have brought a valued addition to another's attention , that they in turn may take there first steps into a shared new venture :)))))). thank you dear Summer ,as always dear lady, I remain yours respectfully Ban :)))))


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