Tuesday, 25 March 2014

pretty as a sunflower

I can understand why people like the Dresden so much..its as pretty as a sunflower :)
my first Dresden cushion.
they will make lovely gifts for Xmas and birthdays.

dresden plate cushion
Dresden plate cushion

Happy Stitching


  1. Oh my, Summer!!! This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Loving it~


  2. Hi dear Summer , and Woooow and I mean seriously Wooooooow hahahahaha :)))))..one is going to sound somewhat repetitive dear lady , but Ban finds this design so VERY appealing to the eye and soul , its explosive burst of definition is so akin to the first fingers of sunlight racing out across the morning moor ..and gives that same visualized thrill :)))..yet again your eye for balance in your choice and placing of colour so gives unto each cushion its own distinctive character...whilst maintaining an even division of the cooler blues greens and whites with the more vibrant warm and hot colours , giving that beautiful sun beam effect that just races out to greet you :)))))))....one so agree's with Jan in her comment '' this is absolutely gorgeous '' one struggles to remember that you are still learning as you go with your new sewing machine , amazing just so amazing :))))).....one wonders what various floral designed segments would look like , one visualize's a beautiful bouquet ..the possibilities are endless dear summer , interlocking smaller Dresden's themselves each representing a flower would also be just amazing in giving that bouquet effect .. but I digress , back to the subject to hand .. , the '' Pièce de résistance '' is in placing your divine Dresden plate apon a dark cushion , which sets the piece firmly to the eye ...''' sans réserve à couper le souffle chère été''' ( unreservedly breathtakingly beautiful dear Summer ) ..thank YOU dear lady for sharing your exquisite creativity with us , enchanting , dear Summer , just so enchanting .:))) as always dear Summer I remain yours respectfully Ban :)))))


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