Sunday, 16 March 2014

its a start

hi all hope you all had a great weekend, it was a beautiful sunny weekend here in the UK, so in between relaxing and enjoying the rays :) I made a start on my baby quilt, my first ever quilt :) 
so here are a few pics of my progress so far.

next weekend I'll finish sewing it together, I've done some already but will leave the rest till next weekend

happy new week to all in whatever craft you're doing :)


  1. Hi dear Summer , and Wooooooow , way to go Summer :))))) , hahahahaha.. amazing just so amazing , I've nothing but admiration , for your application , to the creation at hand , what a wonderful cumulative affect we see here , such a beautiful interaction of colour's each giving unto there counterparts a wonderful display of merging tones..all pastel in there shade , so as to NOT draw the eye to any particular area block of the whole , and in doing so ,one views the component blocks as it were as ''a whole '', fresh clean cut , the whole races off the page to greet you... wonderful just so wonderful , and so very appealing to Ban its like viewing a gorgeous spring time bouquet :)))))))) , I honestly SO love it dear Summer , its a wonderful thing you share here today with us dear Summer , so love the cumulative effect you present , you have a good eye in setting each building block , to create the whole , A marvelous presentation , and whilst you create you get to view the vast array of wildlife that shares your yard and the meadow land beyond ...and all in the glorious sunshine that stream's through your sewing room windows ..the word bliss comes racing to mind dear lady :)))) hahahaha .. lucky you ... A truly fantastic share dearest Summer , my sincere and total RESPECT Ban :))))))))


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