Saturday, 19 July 2014

A Total Re Vamp

Well hello everyone :)
its been a very long time since I've been on here and NOooo I haven't been cocooned and eaten by the Ermine caterpillars hahaha my house is having a total re vamp so I have been very busy with decorating throughout, 

you know what its like, you start one room and end up doing the whole house

Talking of caterpillars, all that were on the hedge in May turned into the beautiful white moths and flew away :) I was lucky enough to see them, they were very very tiny.

I wont be back until sometime in the Autumn when hopefully things will all be done and I can relax and enjoy my crafts again :)

Until then, I wish you all a wonderful summer time and enjoy whatever it is you're doing


  1. Hi dear Summer :)))))))) glad your getting on top of things , especially given that the temperatures and humidity have been so high making decorating a nightmare , and what about those thunder storms woooooosers ,I know you've been very busy with multiple major changes within your home and with some still to go , but I'm so glad your almost entering into your final stages . its been a long haul for you but your almost there as a result of alot of hard work on your part . And ooooohhhhhh yes you pick up a paint brush and what starts out as a single room project , turns into a major overhaul of the entire house .its those door frames that catch you out you just can't paint one side without the other , and of cause that takes you into the next room hahahahahaha and on and on it goes ......So glad the Ermine moths made there launch date , and you were able to capture there depart ..its so wonderful to see such an event go through all its stages and finalize in a positive conclusion ...good luck to them all ...and thank YOU for taking the time from your busy timetable to let us know they made it , a rare sight for many... a once in a life time event for most ..I thank you dear lady , and wish you well with the remainder of your house changes and accompanying decor revamporation :)))))))))), As always dear Summer my respects Ban :)))

  2. I was wondering where you had gone, I was just thinking about your afghan and wondering how it was going.

    Looking forward to seeing your regular posts in the autumn!


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