Thursday, 2 October 2014

My New Sizzix

Hello All :)) 
I have bought a sizzix, it looks great and will be a real asset when I get back to doing my quilting again, with the sizzix you can cut card shapes as well as felt and fabrics for stuffed toy making.
you have to buy what they call "dies", they are basically templates with sharp blades in, you lay your fabric or card on the die and cover it with a hard piece of plastic and then thread it through the machine, rollers on the machine push up the blades and it cuts your fabric or card to that shape, very ingenious and very handy for cutting exact sizes when quilting :))) cant wait to give it a go.
I've bought 3 dies to start with...has anyone else got a sizzix? and what have you made with yours.


  1. My daughter has one and loves it...have fun, Summer :))


  2. Hi dear Summer . :)))) Sizzix yet another new product unknown to Ban :))) , but one that I can well imagine brings a unity of sizing to shapings when making such as quilts where repetitive shape is used in variable patterned fabrics ..one is reminded of the old mangles , and pastry cutters . not that a slip of a lass like your self will remember either of said :))))...another amazing product that takes the monotony and scissor handle bite out of hand cutting multitudes of shape and another wonderful share dear Summer . There are so many new products coming on to the market now , and if they prove themselves to be helping hand why not :)))) Thanks for sharing yet another find dear Summer , a very useful gadget to add to the sewing table :)))) .As always my respects Ban :))))))


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