Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Framed at last

Happy hump day to all :))) here we are again another week nearly done and a new month!
OCTOBER already! soon be xmas hahaha OMG I don't know where this year has gone and I don't remember seeing much of summer lol
Well, at last I got round to getting my Summer and Winter cats framed...Summer cat has only been waiting a year lol but they're done now and they did a lovely job at the framers. I did my best at taking photos of them but is impossible to get a clear photo of them without the glass glare and reflections, sorry about that, hope you like them :))

Happy Stitching :)


  1. Hi dearest Summer , I hope I find you well :))))) , its so nice to see pieces of work finally come together and to be presented in there final state . Your framer has done an excellent job of laying out your needle work dear Summer, not an easy task as any one that's tried to lay out for framing needle work will have found , getting the tension just right in all directions is an art in its self :)))) ..It matters not that summer cat's been waiting to be framed a year dear Summer you have had extensive work done on your home this year and your Summer has been taken in the redecoration there after , with more to come :)))) but your almost there dear lady its the last leg now its the most invasive as it were but once complete it will be so well worth all the efforts you have instilled , not long now dear Summer, NOT LONG :))))))) ..any way as I was saying , it matters not that summer cats been waiting a year , its completed now and looking quite stunning , as is winter cat , each piece epitomizing their seasons mood , temperature colours and absolute beauty ...I know ones bias in my love of moggies :))))) , but one can think of no better place to have given these gorgeous creatures a home than on your staircase dear Summer . One cannot think of more inviting faces to look upon at the start and end of ones day as one descends and ascends the stairs of each new day ..lovely , just so charismatically lovely . I so thank you for taking the time to bring these beautiful creatures back in their completed state and for sharing with us their now established homes , truly so nice to see ...I thank you dear Summer :)))) as always dear lady I remain yours respectfully Ban :)))))))))))


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