Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lady of the wolves

Ohh what a project this one was... taking 5 YES 5 years to complete,
it was a project I just couldn't do for too long at a time, although it's a beautiful picture, the continuous different shades of blue made it so monotonous to work on for long periods of time so it was packed away for many months before I forced myself to get on with it, and finally finished it after 5 long years. 
Started 1st feb 2008 Finished 13th november 2012
4 years 9 months!!


  1. Whilst I know this absolute masterpiece of shear elegance was for you a TRUE labour of love in its creation dear Summer , due to its multitude of ever changing shades of BLUE ..I have to say this breathtaking creation is my favorite , closely followed by Gaze ..its cumulative beauty lays within the encapsulation of all that makes up the ''ONE '' , the universe represented by the moon , flora and fona represented by the tree's , and all other life represented in the form of human and animal form ..the whole , the ONE that is everything , take GREAT pride in your completion of this wonderously beautiful piece of pure unadulteraed art dear Summer ..you truly excelled your self in its creation ..strikingly stunningly superb ..my many thanks for sharing this gorgeous piece of amazing art ..I THANK YOU , my respects to your creative heart , your staying fortitude , and yet again for your sharing of a magical piece of art ..yours Mac Tire :))))

  2. Wow! And I mean WOW! Stunningly beautiful and so huge! That is a true labour of love and I'm sure it was a love/hate relationship from the start. As someone who has done these big ones, I can attest to just how much work they are.

    I'm fangurling you so hard right now!


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