Saturday, 17 August 2013


This is Paddy

I made this picture in cross stitch a couple of years after Paddy passed away.

this was a photo of him that I had made into a cross stitch chart. it took only a couple of months to make and has pride of place on the living room wall :)





  happy stitching :)



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  1. Hi dear Summer,labrador's are such well mannered dogs , ideal for the family where children are growing up , whilst powerful working dogs , they have such beautiful souls , I know it broke my heart when my Labrador Sam passed away ..my Border Collie Rover too...your STUNNINGLY beautiful encapturement of your MUCH loved Paddy can be seen in the pure unadulterated quality of the piece of breathtaking art you present here , the variable of light and tone held within the eyes , that slight shine to the nose , and that beautiful rolling sheen that flows over his beautiful body ...truly a loving epitaph ,to a MUCH loved member of the family ...so beautiful ..thank YOU dear Summer , my respects as always dear lady :)))


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