Wednesday, 7 August 2013


This is "Scruff" one of my favorite projects,
I have made this picture 3 times now and should know the chart off by heart lol
I first made it for myself, then some friends saw it and loved it, so I made it again (twice) for birthday gifts.
started Jan 11th 2008 - finished 1st Feb 2008

happy stitching :)


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  1. YOU just know if this little chap could leave the screen he would be one cheeky , run-a -round into everything fun loving sweetheart ...just look at those beautiful eyes , you have so encapsulated this creatures being dear Summer in the subtle changes in tone within the eyes ..they so bring this cheeky chap to life , for the eyes truly are the windows to the soul ..and you have so captured this cuties soul for all to see ...a wonderful creation , I can so understand why your friends fell in love with this handsome young chap ..I love the intense detail of whiskers about the nose and top of muzzle ...amazing detail in a heart touching subject ..Scruff... lovely just so lovely ..I thank YOU for a beautiful share dear Summer ..what a cheeky chap he really is ..:)))) respects always Mac Tire


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