Thursday, 27 November 2014

A Sting in the Tail :) Baby Bear block #11

This is cute baby bear and he has his face in the bee hive looking for honey
and a bee ready to take aim

stoney creek, woodland babies
stoney creek, woodland babies

Happy Stitching :)

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  1. Hi dear Summer I hope I find you well , and your preparations for the christmas holidays well in hand :)))) , so who's the next adorable baby to join the throng of many in this your lovingly created Afghan baby blanket , one of the latter he or she may be , but just as lovingly brought to life by your skillful and creating hands . aughhhhhhhh its one of my favorite and most endeared creatures bera ( old English for brown coming from the Germanic or ''Ursula '' if female coming from the English and German meaning '' little she bear '' diminutive of the Latin ursa ) although also known as ''Medved '' by the Russians of the Slavic meaning '' honey eater '' , Dov in Hebrew ,and many many variables which basically mean '' brown one '' as in Bruin . You may well ask why refer to Bear by associative words rather than just calling him/her '' bear '' well it is as with the word '' wolf '' , hartagga being the name associated with monsters or predators as in hzrtkos or wlkwos ( which meant wolf ) were through myth and legend worshiped prehistorically , and it was said if you spoke of them by name they would appear , so associative words were used to speak of '' Bear '' and '' Wolf '' it is due to this that the true origin of their names be almost lost . Bears are mammals of the Ursidae family, and can be found in north America , south America , Europe and Asia , courtship is brief between couples where upon mum is left to fend for her babies alone , the babies are born blind bald and toothless . remains of there being as they are today is known to go back 15 to 20 million years , amazing extremely powerful , beautiful creatures ..love um hahahaha .....I so love this cheeky chappy / chapess , as it paws mischieviously at the beehive , those big powerful feet and that huge head muzzling its way into natures honey jar . You capture the under toning of eye , ear , belly , and rough wonderfully dear Summer , the tones changing slowly throughout to give depth and variable to coat . He or she about to find out that just because your capable of taking something does'nt mean there is'nt a price to be paid hahahahaha , as the first of the many come out to defend there stores and home . And Boy will they defend whats theres , attacking the ears ,nose , eyes and mouth of our cheeky chappy/ chapess until the pain out ways the pleasure of his/her sweet find . enchanting , for is it not how we all must learn , that there is no such thing as a free lunch :))))))) ...The domed basket weave hive so rustically caught here dear Summer brings back such memories of summers past :))) love the whole innocence of this encapturement in its aspect of the learning curve of life :)))) ... the word bee it's self coming from the old english word bene which relates more to the word boon , which means to volunteer help to neighbours in the accomplishment of a particular task ..boon being a old word now that has greater meaning to social activities where friends and neighbours get together in a single activity like sewing , quilting , barn raising and the like to help family or friends , could there '' bee '' a more suitable word to describe the collective activities of the social order ascertained by these industrious creatures ..a wonderful summer complex to hold on to in ones minds eye , dear Summer , as winter slowly lays her cloak upon the land . For me personally a truly wonderful wonderful share dear Summer , for which I thank YOU .:)))))) as I offer to you as always , dear Summer , my sincere respects . Yours Ban :)))))


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