Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Beautiful books for crafters

Hi all :)
I bought some beautiful craft books from Amazon the other day that I'd like to share with you,
They look really nice and some easy to do projects... just what I like lol :)

The first book is love to sew by Christa Rolf and has some fun and wonderful projects

Like this Love pillow and many more cute things in patchwork

Book two is

Snug as a bug by from melly and me,
and has cute things for babies and toddlers that crafters can make

this lovely comfort blanket with a cute bug in the corner :))

Book Three is Half  yard Heaven by Debbie Shore

and is an ideal book for ideas on using up some fabrics to make small projects

The owls and cats look lovely :)
there are lots of projects in these books and I think I'm going to be very busy.
happy crafting! 

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  1. Hi dear Summer :))) oooooohhhhhhh what a diversification of of craft work that will not only bring into your world various techniques , but allow you to build upon or go off on tangents as your creativity has windows open to your already creative mind ..its all out there dear Summer :)))) go get it dear lady hahahaha :))))), my respects as always Ban :)))))


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