Sunday, 8 February 2015

Crazy Patchwork block #1

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my lightbox :)
it's interesting to read what you all think about using one,
I haven't got round to using it yet but will :)

This week I've been practising my silk ribbon flowers, I didn't want to go rushing in to make a picture before I know what I'm doing so I thought it best to make some crazy patchwork blocks to practise on, it seemed a shame to do some practise flowers and then throw them away! and silk ribbon is pretty expensive!

So the blocks are ideal, although I've never done this before either
I'm learning two things here, how to do crazy patchwork and silk ribbon embroidery!

The roses I didn't make but the lavender and daisy are my first practise pieces

and I get to keep them :)

I added lots of bits and pieces, buttons and bows as crazy patchwork is anything goes :)
that suits me 

and the finished piece.. a bit wonky but I did it :))
hope you all have a lovely new week
and of course....
Happy Stitching :)


  1. Love the flowers!
    You did an amazing job!

  2. I love your crazy quilt block and you did a great job placing all the fancy stitches and buttons and bows. This is something I wish to do some day. You are an inspiration to me to give it a try. I have some blocks mocked up and just need to start the embellishing. Someday? I hope soon.

  3. Hi Dearest Summer , hope I find you well :))))).So what visual delights doth the lady share with us today :)).Oooooohhhhhh dear Summer what a kaleidoscopic collage of colour , truly a treasure chest of gems , jewels and floral delights , laid before us as a feast of feasts ...how you have captured the whorled coloured bracts and apices of the lavender flowers held borne upon there risen spikes, even to the dipicturement of lipped clefts, wonderful I say just wonderful :)))) , here the simple leaf shown in this genus variety as apposed ( not to be confused with oppose , which means to be against something )to the pinnately toothed leaf found on some genus ..Way to go dear Summer :)))).And will you just look at your Daisy , (Bellis perennis or perennial daisy, lawn daisy, common daisy, English daisy ) you have even tiled your petals as found on the real flower that moisture is taken to the seed heads held centrally ,akin to the Sunflower wonderful dear Summer , just so wonderful .Your jeweled cluster of seed heads in tight formation sit awaiting their turn to ride the breeze , love it dear lady , just love it , it must be the Gypsy in me :))))) .And thats before we come to the balancing of piece by the utilization of tiny daisy's on the diagonal , and gorgeous minute rose's in the horizontal .All made complete with pretty bows , sprinklings of pearls and the piece de resistance a fiery red gem and buttons bright all that make this Piece SO RIGHT , hahahaha :))) Dearest Summer , its balanced , bright and Beautiful .and it soooo works for me ..as for the Wonky , I see it not , but then my eyes are too busy dancing from one beautiful subsection of this wonderful trail piece to the next :)))). Love your silk work dear lady hope we see more , for me thinks t'is your foretay ...lovely piece dear Summer , appeals to Ban :))) and on that note , dear lady , I'll bid you adieu , my respects you dear Summer as ALWAYS , Ban:))))))))..


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