Monday, 9 February 2015

Peacock Framed

I Got my peacock back from the framers at the weekend :)
he's done a beautiful job of framing it and I'm so happy I took it straight away rather than leave it sitting in the drawer for a year...like I usually do :)
now...where to hang it..I'm running out of wall space :)

Happy Crafting


  1. My goodness, this is wonderful.
    It will grace your wall beautifully, dear Summer.


  2. The framing is perfect. You should be able to enjoy seeing all your beautiful hand work. I am happy you had this framed; it is pretty.

  3. So glad you had it framed, so worth it. Beautiful!!!

  4. Hi dear Summer , and its a BIG BIG Woooooow .. ooooohhhhh your framer has done an excellent job on finishing your breathtakingly beautiful peacock amidst the roses , will you just look at that flashing tail of flames , circumferenced in full bloomed rainbowed roses of shear delight .What an exceptional exhibit of silk ribbon embroidery at its best , this piece sooooo appeals to Ban dear Summer , it truly is wonderful expression of art :))))). Your choice of frame in its softened tone detracts nothing from the Subject matter , in fact totally marries into the piece , allowing the subject to be enjoyed in its entirety . It is so wonderful to see this exceptional piece of unique and stunningly beautiful art come to its conclusion . Wonderful dearest Summer , just so wonderful :)))))) .With reference as to where to put this wondrous piece of stunning art , do you have a free wall in your sewing room dear Summer , for what greater inspirational stimuli could one ask of , but to look upon this wonderful life filled energy . It is such a joy to bare witness to this gorgeous piece of Silk embroidery come to its finali dear Summer , I Sooooo thank YOU for allowing us a window into the birth of this summer filled extravaganza of exemplary visual delight , Love it , love it , love it , dearest Summer :))))))). I so thank YOU for this wonderful share dear Summer :)))and as always dear Summer offer unto you my respects Ban :)))))))

  5. Oh my gosh this is beautiful, your framer did a great job, so many framers add a frame that detracks from the stitched picture, this is lovely.
    Thank-you for visiting my blog.



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