Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Lightbox

Sounds like a title for a good book or movie lol but its not
its a box with a light in it :) as if you didn't know

I've just bought this to help with my craft of ribbon embroidery,
the idea being that you trace your picture from a book,
then you put what you traced onto the lightbox and your fabric on top,

the light will show the tracing on the fabric then you can draw your picture with a water soluble pen then you're ready to embroider.

The box has many art and craft uses and is particularly good if you're stitching on a dark fabric, having the lightbox on your lap will show all the holes easier.

the fabric I have on there is 32 count Linen, so you see how  easily it shows up the holes in this fabric.

its going to be a handy addition to my sewing room

Happy Stitching :)


  1. So cool! What a great idea! You made me laugh at the beginning of your post! LOL! Hugs ;o)

  2. That is something I may have to look into!

  3. I love your light box. I have an old light from a previous doctors office that they would look at ex rays on. It is large and bulky; but it works and the price was right. ;0) I love the slender look of yours. They are a fantastic addition to any craft room.

  4. Light boxes are wonderful...sure beats taping your picture and fabric to the window. ;)

  5. I have a light box and love it! Enjoy your new toy :)

  6. Hi dearest Summer , and what saucery do we have here , a light box , its a powerful souce of light dear Summer , and one can see it becoming a multitask implement within the sewing room ..it most definitely beats holding any sought after and searched for hole amidst holes up against the ceiling room light fitting , as one tries to seek out a start point , and please tell me I am not the only one to have ever engaged in this activity hahahahaha , and can you find that darn hole when you want it can you heck :)))..the tracing to plate , to fabric is a cleaver idea dear Summer , you could even if the picture desired to be copied not too thick paper , go picture to plate with tracing paper on top so you could create a template that in turn could be traced to fabric..but it's niche in live surely must be highlighting , as stated the holes in the tighter dark fabrics , which even with a good room light be difficult to pick out ..the devices that are available on the market now to assist in craft work is astounding dear Summer , and of cause it goes without saying that said light box will save on those tired eyes , especially when working for any length of time , or in winter light , even with room light bulb burning . very high tech dear Summer , I see you amass all the implements of your trade slowly but surely ..brilliant idea dear Summer , especially since you may wish to return to your Chinese ribbon embroidery , way to go dear lady ALWAYS thinking and preparing ahead of next project :)))))) .As always dearest Summer my respects to you , Ban :))))))

  7. I also have one but have to be careful not to look at it for a long time when cross stitching as I get sore eyes looking at the light with the fabric. I now don't use it that much. Enjoy but be careful too.

  8. Thank you for the demonstration. I'm considering buying one for myself but I wasn't quite sure just how helpful this thing will be.


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