Saturday, 16 May 2015

Saggy old cloth cat...

Who doesn't love Bagpuss?
He's been a favourite with generations of  children since he was "born" over 40 years ago.
Here I've knitted the saggy old cloth cat

he's knitted in Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake Chunky

I Found a place to hang my sweet swingers :)
in the corner of my sewing room,
they look nice looking down from there.

Happy Crafting :)

For those that don't know Bagpuss.. or you just want a reminder :)


  1. Awwww we love Bagpuss! An adorable puss to knit!
    The swingers - love that nickname!- are perfectly situated up there to keep an eye on things!
    Happy WE!

  2. That cat deserves a lot of hugs, soooo cute and looks so soft! Amazing;)

  3. Adorable!!!! You did such a wonderful job and your sweet creation looks so SOFT!!! Perfect for a cuddle! Happy creating! Nicole xo

  4. Another adorable project. YOur cat is so cute.

  5. Hiya dearest Summer , hope Ban finds you well this day :))))) , and as a lover of all things feline my eyes are drawn straight away to that familiar Handsome face hahahahaha , its Old Bagpuss himself hahahahaha :))))), and does'nt he look as adorable as ever , making his début to the newly created children's T.V. 12 february and get this 1974 OMG hahahahaha and voted top children's T.V. Favourite STILL in 1999..Emily( or Emilie )his owner had a little shop but she sold nothing from it she used it to show items she found as she went about her way ..for those not familiar ... https://youtu.be/a-ky9bRFG24 ..hahahaha Oooohhhhh by dearest Summer what a blast from the past , from a time when kids were allowed to be kids and life at least seemed alot slower and simpler , if not a little harder at times :)))) .Bagpuss was the all time favourite of my youngest sister ( may the One bless her soul ) she pestered my parents till eventually getting her very own Bagpuss for Christmas ...Amazing And here he is again as bright as a new penny ..and twice as handsome some 40 years latter :)))hahahahaha . He looks absolutely spot on dear Summer , how you have captured his face to such perfection ...hes just a BIG squishy cuggie that ANY child would adore :)))) he's just so perfect dear Summer and so methodically created , well done you dear Summer :)))). For a lady that hadn't knitted for some many a year , your putting every twine there is known to man , woman a beast now over the sticks now hahahahaha , and Gud for Ya I say ...Hes Beautiful dear Summer and has brought back many a memory for Ban .I cannot thank YOU enough for taking the time to share your , wonderful , magical creations , from methods and construction ,to the finalized pieces of art , craft , and plum pure out and out unadulterated squishy cuggie cuddlys of the first order and heart throb hahahahaha , dearest Summer YOU are as diverse in your creativity , as you are faceted of beauty of heart and soul ...for only one so , could transpire themselves into the multitude of variables of creation that you do , and they in the there physical give window unto said beauty of heart and soul...I thank YOU Dearest Summer , for your beautiful share , and as ALWAYS remain yours respectfully Ban :)))))).. He's Gorgeous dear Summer :)))) Agus mar sin de do chroí agus anam . ^~~^ :)


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