Thursday, 28 May 2015


Hi all
hope you're all well and having fun crafting,
if you remember I posted about tinsel wool awhile back
and this is what I made from it

it was very easy to knit with, although that may be because I'm used to it after doing the luxe fur teddies

I still have a gold and red one to make,
it's something cute,fun and easy.

and my latest stash of yarns 


happy crafting :) in whatever you do


  1. Well that is just adorable!! I have a tonne of Sirdar's version of that wool it's just not sparkly. Might see if I can find that pattern somewhere.

  2. Happy crafting to you too, Summer! I LOVE those tinsel owls so have fun,

  3. That is sooo adorable! And more colors to come. your yarn stash looks awesome, can't wait to see what you come up with next:)

  4. OH MY WORD!! That is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!!! I love owls. Oh, but I can't knit. I'll just drool over yours. Lovely new yarn, too!

  5. Hi Summer,
    What a cute project!
    I love King Cole yarns and their patterns are easier to read than most.
    Happy Knitting

  6. Angie @ The Knitting Basket was telling me someone was knitting owls with that Tinsel Yarn I hate...LOL So it's you!!! That's so funny, they actually look really neat, still don't like the yarn though!!

  7. Your little owl is very cute! I love the tinsel wool effect. I was wondering what it would knit up like :)

  8. oh che carino!! sei stata bravissima!

  9. Summer: I am still giggling, what an adorable owl, I love the color, I someday will learn to crochet and knit.


  10. Hiya dearest Summer I hope I find you well :))) .. I sooooo love your summer backdrop to your blog so rustically english in its display ..enchanting as always dear Summer :))))) ..and pray what wonder of creativity does one share with us this day :))) . Aughhhhhhh will you just check this baby out hahahahaha is he/she not just the cutest creature you have ever laid eyes on . Its "ule" from Old English (about 600 A.D. to about 1000 A.D.) which became "owle" then to be shortened to the word "Owl" and the word we know today , but there were many variants "uwile", "oule", "owell", "hoole", and "howyell" , all based on people's perception of the bird's call ..The Owl another of mother nature's finely honed developed creatures the ultimate in birds of prey , classified in two groups the Strigiformes ( deemed the "TRUE" Owls ) and the Tytonidae (from the Greek word "tuto" ) the Barn Owl's and Bay Owl's fall into this group although there is some disagreement as to there being two groups at all.The Tytonidae being medium to large birds with a slight variable in sternum and feet , I my self see this as adaptation induced to bring about a cleaner kill for the bird ..Owls for me are but feathered cats , so as one can imagine dear Summer there up there when it comes to fellow creatures we share this earth with ..They like the cat have developed to the highest level of predatory perfection as far as I'm concerned . there binocular vision, binaural hearing and feathers adapted for silent flight and sensory perception once the taking of prey is complete indicate the developmental perfection of these birds .There left ear is lower than their right , so anything heard from below will be heard by the left ear first , there right ear being higher will hear anything from above first , there binocular eyes are directly in front of their ears..so they can calibrate in 0.00003 of a second by turning their head to any sound until the sound is in stereo in there ears not only the distance of the prey but its position in a three dimension frame , simply by calibrating the time difference in which said preys movement took to reach each of the differently aligned ears, and of cause it goes without saying that because their eyes are directly in front of their ears once balance is achieved in ears the eyes are looking directly at prey .so the bird calibrates position of prey and per second per second still listening flies straight at prey until two feet off where upon the bird draws its feet up in direct line with its eyes talons cusped and pointing forth , and in the last seconds closes its eyes as does the shark to protect the eyes from damage ( from Prey lashing out ) and strikes the filoplume ( very fine hairlike extensions of the feathers about the feet ) indicate the prey's position before the talons close ..and all this on silent wings , wings themselves that have developed with the birds killing prowess little is still known of the

  11. morphological and biological mechanisms of their silent flight , but there has been great study of the bird's feathers , the wing feathers are bigger , the feathers edged in filoplume ,and a velvet substance covers the surface , the feathers have fewer radiates, longer pennulum, and achieve smooth edges with different rachis structures.Serrated edges along the owl’s remiges bring the flapping of the wings to a virtual silent state . These unique structures reduce noise frequencies above 2 kHz, making the sound level emitted drop below the typical hearing spectrum of the owl’s prey , but allow the Owl to still hear its own sound patterned frequency that it may calibrate it second by second on its flight in hahahahaha AMAZING ABSOLUTELY AMAZING :))))) and we think we know so much dear Summer , we are but children stumbling about in the darkness still learning and the creatures about us capable of teaching us ALL so much , WE HAVE BUT TO LISTEN dear Summer .there are a multitude of names given to a gathering of Owls dear Summer to many to speak of here , the best known being A parliament of Owls..but my all time FAVORITE is A "sagaciousness of Owls" ( having or showing acute mental discernment and keen practical sense; shrewd: )...me thinks it sums the Owl up to a tee dear Summer , after all who wants to be associated with the individuals presently running the country hahahahaha :)))) ..SO Dear Summer your gorgeous young fellow/lady is to have two more companions at some point , making them TRULY a "sagaciousness of Owls" , hahahahaha the creatures absolutely gorgeous dear Summer :))))) will you just look at those BIG BEAUTIFUL RADAR EYES :))))) he/she is ALL that doth make Owl , Owl , the squatted stance , peep out talons and stunted beak , and ANOTHER victory in knitting in a twine that looks like it would be easier to hang it on a Christmas tree than Knit with it :)))) hahahahaha . I have NOTHING but the utmost respect for you dear lady in YOUR entering into the vast array of craft modes that you have recently even though some have been testing , especially the ones that come with Mandarin instructions hahahahaha , but you got stuck in and hey just look what you gave life to , as you have here today in your creation of this divine creature :)))) , you never fail to amaze me dear Summer , long may you continue to do so dear lady , for the world needs such human beings as your self in it , for such is the magic of Summer :)))))...A wonderful enchanting share dear Summer , so full of fun and warmth :))))), Dearest Summer as ALWAYS , my most sincere respects Ban :)))))))))

  12. The owl looks absolutely adorable!! have a fun weekend.. cheers:)

  13. I love, love, love, love!!!!!! So cute!!!


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