Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tinsel wool...

yep..that's right.. have you ever seen anything like it before
it's yarn with tinsel attached,
it's going to make very interesting knitting :)

 I picked up this tin box while out shopping,
I love it...love things like this,
the tyres could do with pumping up a bit though

I'm using it to store my silk ribbons for my embroidery.

Happy crafting


  1. what on earth would you make though with the tinsel wool? Remember I am a total beginner when it comes to knitting, so that is why I am asking?

  2. Pretty stash, very Christmassy:) Your tin box is cute too. (I use tin boxes too). Have fun knitting:)

  3. Hiya dearest Summer , and what new and exciting things do you share with us this stormy day :))))))..Tinsel wool , hahahaha yeah right hahahahaha Ban thinks you tease ..tinsel wool.!!!..but its true !!!!!! hahahahahahaha tinsel wool Ooooohhh now how the mind boggles , what wondrous creatures , or creations stem from tinsel wool ..you keep us in suspense dear Summer , are we looking at wool christmas tree's ..a new look in christmas baubles , wool Glitter balls ( now I am showing my age hahahahaha )..we shall have to wait and see..one waits with baited breath dear Summer but know it will be out there on its own :))) ..the materials in which you work astounds me dear lady it truly does :)))).I look forward to your newest creation dear summer :))))) ....And a retro sit up and beg bike hahahaha ..Oooohhhh had one of these many many many moons ago hahahaha made by B.S.A. BRITISH SMALL ARMS now they were built like outside privies talk about built to last top bikes truly there internal gear system was a masterpiece of engineering beautiful mechanism :))) ..B.S.A. made military rifles as well the British P1860 short rifles and US Springfield, M1861 and M1863 rifles.but to name a few When Britain adopted the M1866 Snider to convert their huge stocks of muzzleloaders,they really took off ( the Snider was a beautiful weapon developing from cap to full metal jacket it had a very smooth action )..but they were the creators of many variables of bicycle , specifically designed for the many needs of landscape riflemen could find themselves in ..we should bare in mind that the worlds mobile units have not always moved in Cougars hahahahahaha ..LOVE IT !!!! dearest Summer a bicycle from years past that was and still is made to last :)))))..as for the tinsel wool you love a challenge dear lady I'll give you that , and why not ..nothing ventured nothing gained ..:))))) ''test ye my steel that tho knowest ye find me not lacking'' I have nothing but admiration for your fortitude dear Summer , look forward to what ever venture you enter into with your tinsel wool and as always dear lady remain yours most respectfully Ban :)))))))

  4. Interesting yarn. I'll look forward to seeing how it looks knitted up. And I love your bicycle tin :)

  5. That tinsel wool just looks so cool. I'd love to see that knitted or crocheted up!

  6. That yarn is so pretty! Make sure to show us what you make! Love the tin! So cute! Big Hugs ;o)


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